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Do not Rezone Berkeley and Timberland Schools

This petition is being created to gather support against rezoning Berkeley and Timberland schools. Students shouldn't be forced to change from the school system which they are established.  Parents and students shouldn't be forced to change their ways of life due to the lack of planning to accomodate residential development in the area. The study that was performed researched ways to relieve the schools being overpopulated, but no studies were done to research how this would affect our community

Created: 2021-10-13 Statistics

Lottery for non-residents

  We want a lottery system to be put in place for non-residents to hunt sika deer and waterfowl on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In this lottery system a non-resident would have to purchase entries in hopes to draw a tag. The number of tags available should be the absolute minimum required to maintain healthy populations of the wildlife discussed. Also, another point to be considered when determining the amount of non-resident tags is overcrowding. Overcrowded hunting locations cause destructio

Created: 2021-10-18 Statistics

Rollercoin wave UNban petition !

I was recently banned I was recently banned after a ban waveI have recently been banned from Rollercoin and i tried hard to find out the reason that led to the termination of my account.I have never used any illegal software or autoclicker. Just games legally played by me and my son. The Violation Rollercoin states 'Your account was banned by our tech department for the reason of fraudulent activities in the game.' Why unban Thinktronik ? I strongly believe that this is not an act that i ha

Created: 2021-10-14 Statistics

Travis Loving Severna Park Boys Varsity Coach

Please sign in support of Coach Loving being hired as the permanent Head Coach of Severna Park Boys Varsity Lacrosse

Created: 2021-10-15 Statistics

Save the memorial

My cousin passed away July 12, 2017, along with 3 other young men in a terrible car accident. We have a memorial up where it happened (63rd n Rowland) and it's been there for the past 4 years, it has never been a problem until now. The neighborhood has a petition going around to take it down because they think these boys memorial is causing bad things to happen in their neighborhood like stealing and crimes. This memorial is very sentimental to not only my family but to the other boys family's a

Created: 2021-10-19 Statistics

Freedom and Choices….No Mandates

please read attached demand letter below.....our children's rights shouldn't be being taken away...

Created: 2021-10-21 Statistics

Nichole Marie Humphres movement

copied and pasted for the family-  Makayla Patino murdered my sister, Nichole Humphres, on 7/22/21. This first picture was like 3 years ago. At The same house they had fist fights at. The same place Nichole had decided she needed away from Makayla Patino at. People always say you never know what goes on behind closed doors. This person says she loved my sister so much. She loved her just enough to shoot her in the head and end her life. She had just gotten accepted into a place and she had compl

Created: 2021-09-18 Statistics

DMV Area Demand for DC Council to Hold a Hearing on Discrimination & Retaliation at MPD

We, the undersigned, who live and work in the DC/Maryland/Virginia Area (DMV), patronize DC businesses and contribute immensly to DC revenue, and who are affected by and subject to policing in the Distrct of Columbia, hereby DEMAND that the District of Columbia City Council holds a public hearing, taking sworn testimony from relevant officials, on the issues raised in the Class Action Lawsuit filed by ten (10) current and former Black Women MPD police officers, and the suit filed by three former

Created: 2021-10-20 Statistics

Requesting an appointment to the NANDC board as an At-Large Rep

Hello. My name is Jon Tieuel. I am requesting an appointment to the North Area Neighborhood Development Council (NANDC) as an At-Large Representative. I have spent the last 9 years representing our neighborhood, but our job is not finished. We still must contend with developers who want to put high rise buildings in our neighborhood in the middle of residential districts. We need proper and smart development that our neighborhood benefits from. Help me represent your voice by signing my petition

Created: 2021-10-04 Statistics

Bring AT&T Fiber to Bridgefield and The Reserve Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods of Bridgefield and The Reserve in Madison, AL are located off of Wall Triana. Currently, these neighborhoods are serviced only by AT&T by their U-Verse service and Wow! Other parts of Madison City including close neighborhoods located off of Gillispe Rd. and Browns Ferry Rd. have AT&T Fiber capability. This is a petition to demonstrate the interest of AT&T Fiber in the neighborhoods of Bridgefield and The Reserve.  Signing this petition merely demonstrates interest

Created: 2021-10-18 Statistics