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HELP Maintain the Ban on Importing the Heads of Hunted Elephants

In an appalling turn of events, the Trump administration is considering lifting a ban that had prohibited hunters from importing trophies of elephants killed in two African nations, reversing a 2014 rule put in place by the Obama White House. If passed, the reversal will apply to elephants hunted in Zimbabwe from Jan. 21, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2018 and to elephants hunted in Zambia in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The move overturns a 2014 rule implemented by former President Barack Obama that banned hunters

Created: 2017-11-17 Statistics


   A campaign  to add an "Age Bracket Alert" to the Amber Alert Program, with less restructive guidelines as long as: 1. There is no runaway history. 2. No threat made of running away   3. No parent/child altercation before the child went missing. But I need as much help as I can get. Please sign and forward this petition to everyone you can. I am also trying to put together a group meeting between Tarrant County Police Chiefs (including the Tarrant County Sheriff) to get their opinions and conc

Created: 2017-06-23 Statistics

Ask the STCA to adhere to their own by laws

We are petitioning the STCA to start the steps necessary to right the numberous wrongs with the 2021 election. By signing this petition, you are agreeing that the STCA has broken several by laws and are asking them to call a special meeting where members can raise a point of order regarding the issues with the election. Should the points of order not be well taken, the membership can then appeal the decision and decide if the election was made in accordance to the by laws.  We know the positions

Created: 2021-10-07 Statistics

Ban on use of fossil fuels and change to alternative source of renewable energy

Global Warming - the most pressing crisis of our age and time. All caused to due to the surplus burning of fossil fuels and emission of Carbon Dioxide. we keep doing this even when we have found various other alternatives to it. So we need to change and we need to do it now. because if not now, then when? so sign this petition to show your support for the ban on use of fossil fuels as an energy source and change to more eco-friendly, and renewable energy like solar, wind, or water.     

Created: 2021-10-06 Statistics

Natural Immunity Petition

This is a Petition for a Covid 19 NATURAL IMMUNITY Card that is being constructed For the people By the people of the United States of America. Our petition is based on SCIENCE and the fact that there is a huge populous of people in the US who have previously been in contact with the Covid 19  Virus, (or who had symptoms of the Covid 19 Virus) and they are presently carrying the Covid 19 Antibodies and therefore are NOT a threat to anyone in any public or private atmosphere in regards to transmi

Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics


I am a proud loving father of six wonderful children. In Preston County W.V. the FAMILY COURT is taking kids from everyone, these officials are using the opiate crisis to take every child they can,even if there is no reason.  kids equal cash KIDS=$. Its a sad day in America when happy families are being ripped appart just so that state officials and politics can improve themselves,and their positions.This is a national crisis, and the higher courts are turning a blind eye, the FBI will not even

Created: 2021-09-28 Statistics

Help Rahway Residents Rebuild! Waive Permit Fees for Ida Flood Damage Repairs.

Dear Mayor Giacobbe and the Rahway City Council, As you know, many of your constituents and neighbors suffered major flood damage due to Tropical Storm Ida and the sewer backups that occurred all throughout Rahway. We are shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars to repair and rebuild our homes.  We request that you please waive permit fees for work that homeowners need done in the wake of this disaster. For instance, replacing furnaces and hot water heaters, as well as more major work. Th

Created: 2021-09-16 Statistics


  This petition is being circulated to demand Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz stop his aggressive move to steal Bills football season tickets from lifelong fans and to stop other fans from attending home games at “Poloncarz Stadium” under the guise of public health. If his segregation efforts succeed, Poloncarz Stadium will only allow vaccinated fans to attend Buffalo Bills home games. Fans who had the virus in the past, people with even stronger natural immunities, will not be able to atte

Created: 2021-09-15 Statistics

Remove the Gunnison County School District Mask Mandate

This petition is to express and display a strong visual statement to the Gunnison County School District in regards to their mask mandate they are forcing on our children.  This is not to minimize teachings of bio-security, but to vocalize, fight and protect our children from the excessive mask use that can have negative health consequences in a variety of ways.  Such as misuse of the mask.   -Our children's hands touching their faces far more frequently due to the reajusting of mask placement w

Created: 2021-09-14 Statistics

Support a Deer Management Program in Delafield

Whereas the over population of deer in the Delafield and Waukesha area contributes to a significant destruction of vegetation, Whereas the Lapham Peak and Delafield area is the epicenter of Chronic Waste Disease in the county,  Whereas Waukesha County ranks amongst the highest number of deer vehicle collisions with nearly 900 per year, and Whereas the over population of deer contributes to Lyme’s Disease spread through deer ticks, Whereas Bow Hunting, especially from an elevated stand, shooting

Created: 2021-09-10 Statistics