Etizolam was first seen in 2011 as a research chemical, most people found out about it due low cost, availability and the addictive nature it possesses. As of now it is medically approved and is used in many countries as a means to treat anxiety. It is commonly known to most as Etilaam or Etizest.

Composition and usage

It is a molecule in which the benzene ring has been replaced by thiophene and triazole ring. It has various properties which include skeletal muscle relaxation; it might also be a sedative or an anticonvulsant. It is administered either through the mouth, sublingually or through the rectum. It rarely has any side effects on the human body but at times they come in form of skin lesions or blepharospasms when used for a long period. Normally used for treating general anxiety it is reported to retain its effect on a patient for up to four weeks. When assimilated it roughly takes about thirty to two hours before its effects are felt in the body. The use of etizolam is controlled by various related bodies in some countries like in Germany and Denmark but for countries like the USA and Japan its use is banned.

Effects of using etizolam

Etizolam affects the body in a number of ways apart from its general use of treating anxiety. The effects really depend on your level of intake while some may be negative or positive it all goes down to the effect you want to have. The body experiences many things, I will inform you on some of them but you need not to worry as these effects rarely occur all at once. Among them is muscle euphoria, increase libido, seizure suppression, muscle relaxation and sedation though some of these effects do not reflect on all people. Some negative effects caused include dizziness, increased seizures, suicidal behavior, violence, irritability and loss of impulse control. When these effects persist please seek medical advice.

Purchase, withdrawal from etizolam and addictions

You should only buy etizolam from an authorized etizolam vendors which also has the advantage of limiting your intake so that you do not end up being dependent on the drug in an unusual manner. Its better when you take your prescription from a doctor who will not only guide you on how you are to take the drug but also how you will stop using it without experiencing immense effects caused by withdrawal. Abrupt withdrawal from etizolam can be hazardous and life threatening when not handled in the right way as it can bring about fatal seizures. If you have been on etizolam for some time be sure to reduce your dosage gradually over some time other than stopping at once. Addictions can also come as a result of prolonged usage of this drug please avoid it as much as you can.

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