Sign this Virtual Mass Card for Victims of Covid-19 From the Achill Island Community

This is not your regular petition, this is one of prayer.

Each day the number of victims and fatalities is increasing here in Ireland and worldwide.

Funerals are being held without service or mourners.

It is a time unseen before here in Ireland.

We here in Achill would like to offer a petition of prayer for all of the grieving families, for all those ill at this time and for those who died because if this pandemic. 

This is a non denominational prayer petition and if you are not the praying type just pause and reflect in your own way after signing the petition. 

'Sé do bheatha, a Mhuire, atá lán de ghrásta,
tá an Tiarna leat.
Is beannaithe thú idir mná
Agus is beannaithe toradh do bhroinne, íosa.
A Naomh-Mhuire, a Mháthair Dé,
guigh orainn na peacaigh,
Anois agus ar uair ár mbáis. Amen.


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