Waving my wait period to get support

as you all know times are tough, on July 22 2019 I took a Voluntary redundancy as I was living week by week under financial strain from debts including going through family law the goal was to reset life basically and find a new career after having about 2 months off

I did seek out to join WA Police but was unsuccessful and found out in early days of January, during this time I had been applying for work but also applied for support from Centrelink which I always considered a last resort, I had been told many stories by the staff there even that yes you will get supported as hey I paid off over 30k debt I did not have enough money to survive a full year ohhhh but guess what according to the legislation paying off your debts is not considered a reasonable expense so it's not considered that you've used that income. I even threw the well if I had not paid the debts off and still was unsuccessful was Centrelink going to cover the cost of my loans with interest no of course not so, therefore, it's reasonable to get rid of debts with a payout so the waiting period for me is July 22 2020

I sold my car for under its value to buy more time as Centrelink response to running out of money was to hand homelessness paperwork and other support groups despite being told by several staff to come back in if I had reached under $700

I have also reached out to local MP which I won't name for the time being and had put in complaints, as Centrelink kept telling me to prove where the income went yet I had they just wouldn't accept that as reasonable 

I even had a social worker tell me to file and say I had one of the following a drinking problem, substance abuse or gambling which none of the 3 are true and being as part of my stance in family court is I've never done drugs and barely drink why on earth would I lie now which could screw that up... my son is my number 1 priority 

fast forward to the beginning of March I finally got a job, even posted how happy I was that I didn't have to keep fighting with Centrelink over broken legislation, oh what's this COVID-19 is getting out of control dw mate we have plenty of work 
1 week 3 days after being hired I was let go and under the law the pm stated if you lost your job due to COVID-19  

cool the government has to help me now, getting a job now is going to be finding a needle in a haystack atm. WRONG you're still on a waiting period and it won't be waved, Sunday government states all wait periods yeah sorry no isn't you. Friday I get told my original claim has been removed and the new one will go through 

ring complaints the guy seemed like he cared he even stated to me he's fixed it and I should start getting payments, mind you I don't want payments so I can doll bludge and it doesn't mean I'm going to stop looking for work I WANT TO WORK but least I know I can buy food pay the bills and rent yeah sorry he made a mistake we're really sorry about this and after 5 hours on phone, my final warning to them was revealing I had a local MP helping me and I had taken this story to A current Affairs bam attitude change straight away and now I have an lvl2 escalation still pending but I'm not going to stop there I figured it wouldn't hurt to try this way

so please if you can sign this Petition, I have no idea if it would help but maybe it would get someone's attention I'm down to my last $300 and this is literally the worst time to not have any financial support  

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