We are the children of a happy, free Earth, we demand peace, we are against war!

On July 07, 2022, the Forum of Citizens of the USSR "For the sake of peace on Earth!" was held. The forum resulted in the adoption of a Resolution in which the citizens of the USSR strongly protested against the actions of the NATO North Atlantic military bloc in preparing for preventive nuclear strikes in the medium term. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced preparations for such strikes at a meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of heads of state and government (NATO summit on June 29-30, 2022 in Madrid). Moreover, this military alliance has already identified the country that is the "most significant and direct threat" to the security of NATO members."

In today's world, nuclear strikes cannot be preventive. Because of its consequences, because of disasters that cause huge casualties, the instant death of hundreds of thousands of people, turn the centers of world civilization into ruins. The extent of radiation contamination of territories and drinking water, and the resulting contamination of people living in these areas, cannot be predicted in any way. Our planet has faced this many times: think of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945), think of the accidents at the peaceful nuclear power stations at Chernobyl (1986) and Fukushima (2011)!

According to the Federation of American Scientists, FAC, there are 1,705 nuclear warheads in the world as of 2022. Think about this terrifying figure! Such an arsenal is capable of destroying our planet several times over! And we know all those who have declared war on humanity and plotted the destruction of Life itself on our beautiful Earth! We know all the Nuclear war warmongers who have gone from simply intimidating war to openly preparing for it!

We remind the citizens of the world that on December 9, 1981, in Resolution No. 36/100, entitled "Declaration on the Prevention of Nuclear Catastrophe", the United Nations solemnly proclaimed that

- States and statesmen who would first resort to the use of nuclear weapons would commit the gravest crime against humanity.

- There will never be excuse or pardon for statesmen who would be the first to use nuclear weapons.

- Any doctrine that allows the first use of nuclear weapons and any action that pushes the world towards catastrophe is incompatible with the laws of human morality and the lofty ideals of the United Nations.

- It is the supreme duty and direct responsibility of the leaders of nuclear-weapon States to act so as to avert the danger of nuclear conflict. The nuclear arms race must be halted and reversed by joint efforts, through fair and equitable negotiations, with the ultimate goal of the total elimination of nuclear weapons.

- Nuclear energy should be used only for peaceful purposes, only for the benefit of humanity.

And what do we see now, three decades after the adoption of this declaration? Today, the UN Declaration, instead of being unconditionally implemented, is completely ignored by the UN itself and the UN Security Council. Only a few decades have passed and we are again on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe. Only now the specter of nuclear war has ceased to be incorporeal, it has acquired a distinct face and grown nuclear muscles.  This specter goes by the name of the North Atlantic Military Bloc - NATO.

Considering that the United Nations is the main deliberative forum of the planet where world leaders discuss the entire spectrum of current international problems, that it is the only universal body responsible for peace and security, development, poverty eradication, disarmament, human rights and environmental protection throughout the world, the Supporters of Peace, on behalf of the people of the Soviet Union, address to all progressive mankind, to all heads of all states, to the UN General Assembly with demands:

1. To prohibit, on behalf of the United Nations, as a commonwealth of countries - members of the planetary community of peoples and nations, the holding of any summits, negotiations, conferences, plenums, briefings, etc. for planning, declaring and unleashing not only a world nuclear war, which would bring death to all humanity but also any local wars and armed conflicts.

2. To prohibit the development and sale of military weapons, any modifications thereof, including biological, chemical, laser and nuclear, to any private individuals, military and other companies, representatives and governments.  Eliminate biological laboratories and factories on the territory of planet Earth, engaged in the development and production of biological weapons. Eliminate chemical laboratories and factories on the territory of planet Earth, engaged in the development and production of chemical weapons.

3. To recognize companies, governments, individuals and countries as international criminals committing genocide against the world's population when they establish plans to use and conduct warfare against the world's population.

4. To effectively bring together all peoples and nationalities to defend peace on Earth, with the participation of people of goodwill, civil society organizations, and national governments, by holding peace forums by the peoples of all countries and not to prevent the revival of the global Peace Movement.

5. To stop immediately any kind of "aid" to the fratricidal massacre on the soil of the Ukrainian SSR. The borders of the USSR, fixed at the Yalta Conference in 1945 on the results of the Great Patriotic War and the Helsinki Accords dated August 1, 1975, are inviolable and unchangeable.

6. To recognize the activities of the North Atlantic Alliance – the NATO bloc as extremist and terrorist and, based on this decision, to ban the activities of NATO and eliminate it as a subject of international law.

7. To prohibit interference by third countries, military alliances, in the internal affairs of the USSR and the Union republics, the supply of weapons of any kind, lending to terrorist groups, nationalist organixations and private companies of a power character on the territory of the USSR.

And we, the Soviet citizens, invite you to join this Petition

- all those who understand that the escalation of any military threat is a crime against humanity

- all those who stand for a peaceful sky over our heads

- all those who vote for the preservation of Life in our common home - planet Earth.

We are the children of a happy, free Earth, we demand peace, we are against war!

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