We demand that the killing of dogs in public or/and private shelters be prohibited by law and the change of release/adoption requirements

Change comes from each of us, but only together can we do something concrete.

Nobody has the right to decide how long has another being to live, nor to take its life,

especially in an unjustified manner, or when the only interest is money because a dead

dog is more valuable than a living one.


Those interested in the well being of animals are only a few, and those that can actually

do something about and act accordingly are even fewer, it's a known fact. A handful of

people can't solve all the problems and can't come up with solutions for all the cases.


In a country decimated by migration, salaries below the decent existence limit, miserable

pensions and unemployment there cannot be imposed such requirements as a wage certificate, 

house property deeds, and 50 lei/10+euro! People that couldn't get their dogs back from

the shelters because of such demands have to live with the thoughts of having abandoned

their companions in death's grip! The dogs that didn't manage to escape from those

extermination camps called shelters have died alone and tormented, waiting from salvation

to come from us and not understanding what it was that they did wrong to deserve such a faith!

How long are we going to tolerate methods like these? How long are we going to allow so

much suffering for us and around us? We have to understand that it is entirely up to us, no one

can impose unjust laws and can't leave harmful situations without regimentation unless

it's a dictatorship! it's time for us to decide what kind of people we want to be, to take

responsibility and act accordingly, or whine about it no more!


From the bottom of my heart please sign this petition and share it with your acquaintances, 

bring a ray of hope into the lives of poor innocent souls!


It's that simple, we just have to want to!


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