We oppose AB Lime's application to receive a 35-year consent to intake UNLIMTED WASTE compared to 100,000t limit at the moment and their plan to become the SOLE LANDFILL for the Lower South Island.

We oppose the application made by AB Lime Ltd to Environment Southland to receive a 35-year consent to intake UNLIMTED WASTE compared to 100,000t limit at the moment and their plan to become the SOLE LANDFILL for the Lower South Island.  ____________________________________________________________________


AB Lime Ltd and their landfill operation is located 4km from our small rural town of Winton and near our lovely Oreti River in the heart of our wonderful Southland District.

AB Lime is a longstanding major company in our local area and we are disappointed to discover their latest plans to become the sole landfill for the lower South Island.

Only in January 2021 the handful of landowners within 2km of the working face of the landfill were notified by Environment Southland and AB Lime Ltd about this application, which was lodged SEVEN months earlier in mid-June 2020. 

The deciding hearing is already to be held mid-May. The community of Winton and the wider public however have been completely left in the dark about this application.

We understand that our rubbish has to go somewhere and do not want to see AB Lime Ltd out of business, but we think it is not right for a small rural town to be the sole landfill site for the Lower South Island.

We have no doubt AB Lime Ltd runs an efficient operation in a professional manner. But nevertheless there needs to be a limit on how much waste is in one area to reduce the impact on the surrounding community and the environment.

The waste should stay within the district where it is created. It is the responsibility and duty of all councils to work out landfill and recylcing solutions within their own district boundaries and determine what works best for their residents and geographic to have an outcome that is for the greater good for all people living in the Lower South Island. 


  • the potential of air pullution and negative health consequences (especially respiratory conditions like asthma and lung cancer)
  • the immediate neighbours were only given four weeks by Environment Southland to make a submission and digest the 1,400 page application full of legal jargon and scientific references
  • the potential of groundwater contamination and poor water quality
  • the at times unbearable odour
  • the negative impact unlimited waste intake might have on the environment
  • the potential for toxic waste, as AB Lime will be one of only two remaining landfill sites in the whole Lower South Island according to their proposals
  • roading, traffic and noise (at the moment AB Lime takes 9-16 trucks PER HOUR, if they receive this consent then they will put another weighbridge in they said, this means 160,000 trucks a year will be coming and going to our small town
  • there are six schools in close proximity of the landfill site and on the direct route 
  • the poisoning of seagulls that has been carried out by AB Lime and the possible risk to our pets and farm animals
  • a potential rats and mice infestation in our town
  • more litter could be flying around
  • AB Lime say they will improve the operation if they succeed with their application, but none of their plans have been put into action yet to prove any of their claims
  • AB Lime openly said that their neighbours are their odour monitors at the moment
  • our recycling efforts are disrespected and already ending up in that landfill, via the failing and misleading WasteNet recycling operation run by ICC and SDC
  • AB Lime has not forwarded all complaints made to them by the public to Environment Southland as is required of them
  • decreasing land- and house capital values for our region
  • Environment Southland stopped taking water samples from nearby water sources and does not carry out any of their own water- and air testing at the landfill site and surrounding area, but solely rely on the data provided to them by AB Lime
  • our local businesses might be loosing customers
  • we are already getting rubbish from as far as Oamaru and Twizel and also the waste water treatment sludge from Queenstown and Wanaka
  • the certainty of RATES and RENT hikes for people living in other districts including DUNEDIN CITY. (one truckload from Oamaru 10hrs/650km – the cost will inevitably be put on ratepayers/tenants). Increased distance to landfill site equals increased rubbish trucks
  • our local residents will be paying for the high emmission from that landfill
  • the Southland District mayor just announced a proposed 10.15% rates increase 
  • any risk of a natural and operational disaster (floods, earthquake, fire, explosions)
  • our great heritage buildings are soon damaged beyond repair, due to heavy traffic
  • investors might stay away from our region
  • a 35-years consent (until 2056) will have an irreversable and long lasting negative impact on us and on future generations to come
  • how all of this fits in with the PM's declaration of a 'Climate Change Emergency'
  • our town soon to be known as STINKTON

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