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To Whom it May Concern:

We have recently learned of the proposed closing of College Hall and the Annex Building which houses the ceramics studio. As students, we are greatly opposed to these changes as both of these spaces are necessary for obtaining a degree or a minor in music or art. College Hall is currently utilized by all music majors. The closing of College Hall could lead to loss of accreditation for the music department as the National Association for Schools of Music requires Universities to have a dedicated space for performances and rehearsals. Without College Hall, the music department wouldn't meet this requirement. The loss of this accreditation could greatly effect the music departments enrollment which magnifies the greater problem of dropping enrollment at West Liberty Many of the events including concerts, guest performances, juries, and forums that are held in College Hall can't be moved as there isn't another space big enough on campus besides Kelly Theater which is reserved for theater projects and events.
In addition to the music department, the art department would also suffer as a result of these proposed changes. College Hall also houses MADfest which is the art department's major recruitment event. This year approximately 400 potential high school students attended this event. College Hall also contains an art studio which is utilized for photography, mixed media, and painting classes which can't be held in the Fine Arts Building due to space constraints. Finally, the annex building houses the ceramics studio which is a required class for all Art Education majors and minors and is a suggested elective for all Art degrees. This space must exist on campus due to the time sensitive nature of the ceramics process. It is unacceptable to make plans to close this facility without having a new or reserved space in place to house these classes in the fall. We believe that overall these proposed changes show a lack of foresight and collaboration. They were proposed with no real alternate plans or input from students. In addition, these cuts are unevenly placed on the Arts and Communications Colleges. We understand that in these tough financial times that the University must make cuts and changes. However, these decisions should be fair to all departments and made with input and discussion from both faculty and students.


If you agree that it is unfair and unjust to do these things, please sign the petition and spread the word. Thank you!

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