Where to Find Affordable Custom Flash Drives this 2018

The history of flash drives goes back to the year 1999. USB, the acronym for Universal Serial Bus was first patented by a company from Israel called M-Systems. However, the company went to disclosure when one of the I.B.M employees named Shimon Shmueli claimed to have invented the drive. 


Only in 2000, that first USB flash drive was introduced to the market in the United States. This first marketed flash drive was an invention of I.B.M. Today, USB flash drives are called by various names; thumb drive, memory stick, pen drive and the most common flash drive. 

USB flash drive has been a great lifesaver for students, professionals, and businesses. Storing, managing and transferring files have never been this easy. Back then, a person should file documents systematically. Moreover, transferring and storing files consumes a lot of time and effort. Thus, the invention of USB was indeed a wonderful feat. 

Now, there are countless of USB flash drives in the market. This overwhelming number is a result of increasing demand for flash drives. Then, how can you assure that the flash drive you pick has high-quality? Here are some tips. 

1.    Check the memory capacity. The ideal flash drive memory is 512 GB for business and professional use. There are flash drives with lesser memory capacity ranging from three hundred GB. Pick a flash drive with a memory that is suitable for your kind of work. 

2. Identify the USB version. Another important feature of flash drives is its version. USB 3.0 is the best option out there. This type of flash drive features a super speed technology making the transfer and managing huge files easy. 

3.   Pricing. Price does not always dictate the quality of a flash drive. There are costly USB yet has poor quality and runs slowly. What you have to do is see options and pricing carefully. Make sure the features of the USB matches its pricing to avoid regrettable deals. 

4.    Custom Flash Drives- Customized flash drives are now a big hit in the market. It is a popular choice among professionals, especially to entrepreneurs. Custom flash drives can be utilized as a marketing tool since you can make your own design and pick out flash drives features that you prefer. In addition, there are custom flash drives with preloaded security and managing tools for extra protection and convenience. 

Where to Find a Quality USB Flash Drive? 

Among the countless producers of custom flash drives, one of the leading manufacturers is CF Gear. This company has been in existence for many years. Moreover, their expertise in this industry is proven by the number of huge companies they have worked with in the past. If you want to check out who dealt with CF Gear, view website portal by searching on the web. 

CF Gear prides itself for producing high-quality custom flash drives in affordable price. Their pricing is reasonable and fair compared to other companies in the market. Thus, if you wish to learn more about CF Gear’s pricing, go to their website for more info on this matter.

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