You remember Janice, JANICE? Petition for a Janice comeback in the upcoming Friends Reunion

As you may know, the Friends reunion is officially on. The unscripted special will launch the upcoming streaming service HBO max in May 2020. 

The reunion will include the full cast of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry as well as their creators Martha Kauffman and David Crain.

The actors are being paid around 3-4 million $ for an hour special, and HBO max has got the rights of the show for 425 million $$$. However, money can't buy happiness - but Janice can!

"Oh... My... God!"

Janice (played by Maggie Wheeler) is a drama queen with a good heart, an irritating nasal cackle, and an unforgettable honking laugh; her lines are delightful; I believe she was the first to call Chandler "Bing-A-Ling", but most importantly, she shaped the arch of various characters. 

What's more: Remember the Valentine's episode? The one in which Chandler gives Monica a mixtape that he's found in his room? Spoiler: Janice's voice (on the mixtape) ruins the romantic song/dance. She now lives in Monica's head rent-free. Try that as a secondary character!

Need more convincing why Janice is the best?

"The obvious interpretation of Friends is that it's about a loveable gang of peculiarly photogenic 20somethings struggling to make it in their careers of choice while landing their tru-love soulmate. An alternative interpretation could, however, be about a group of hyper privileged people who are incredibly snobby about one of their number's (admit it! She is) hot girlfriend — because she has the accent and mannerisms of someone from Staten Island. 

Admit it, you guys. Janice was generous, warm and witty. She wasn't the horrific monster the Friends gang wanted you to think she was: she was the best."

(S. Atkinson: "Why Janice From 'Friends' Was Actually The Best Character On The Show", Bustle 20/04/2016:

"Janice needs her fun!"


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