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Ennerdale Demarcation from finetown and Lawley 2

To make Ennerdale a ward on its own Let Ennerdale people vote on their excluding finetown and Lawley 2 

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Finance should be a sit in exam.

Finance requires a calculator and having other gadgets during online exam isn't going to work in the favor of students ,the respondus system requires certain rules to be adhered which prevent us from using the calculator without it looking like we're copying. 

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Continuous noise disturbance from Lina Estates

For 6 months now, members of Braca, have been communicating with the HOA at Lina Estates regarding continuous noise disturbance. It is continuous barking of dogs during the day but also through the night.   the chairman of the HOA has admittedly confirmed he has received multiple complaints yet still nothing has been done Email from Andrew at Lina Estates :-"I have been receiving multiple complaints from people living adjacent to Lina Estates (1x Charlie, CC’d) over the last few months regarding

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Petition to support our Joint letter to City of Cape Town – Noise Complaint: Generator at Standard Profil

Complaint lodged with the City of Cape Town on 20 February 2020. This was acknowledged by the Senior Technician- Noise Control(NAME TAKEN OUT PRIVACY REASON) but known to us.  The matter was addressed with the company, which at first did not have the necessary funds to implementing measures to ensure the noise compliance as instructed by the City.  After numerous emails still no progress has been made in this regard.   Therefore, we the community of Stonehill, Ravensmead, would like further and

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Stop murdering our elderly

Please help us prevent more murderers to get out on bail my mom was stabbed more than 50 times and the broke her back left her in a field No person thats capable of this deserves bail    

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SASCO is a tried and tested organisation with a proven track record in fighting for students. Since the inception of the university of Mpumalanga some seven years ago, SASCO has been at the forefront of student struggles and has in the process rightfully earned its stripes. Along these years of painful struggle, the organisation has paid the price. It’s members have been charged numerous times, suspended and others expelled. This has happened to our members only with members of other organisatio

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Stop the killing of people and burning of homes in Aghem-Wum, NWR, Cameroon

Ever since the beginning of the armed conflict in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, Wum Town and the indigenous people of AGHEM have been subjects to butchery, burning of traditional palaces and homes, looting, and enforced disappearances from some identifiable Fulani/Hausa individuals in complicity with some government troops and from non-state armed groups. We the people of Aghem say STOP to these grievous violation and abuses. Helpless at the local administration’s incapacity to protect us,

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Stand up against mandatory vaccination

The government and others in power CANNOT force a vaccination on you that is in its trial faze.  You CANNOT lose your job and CANNOT be left out of festivals and shopping centres if you haven't had a vaccination.  The government are bullying everyone into this vaccination that has proven fatal and the fact with it you can still catch and pass covid 19 onto others. Absolute joke. Stand up. Do not take this bullying and pressure. Please sign this petition so we have enough people to start a class

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Asivoti Emgwali Campaign

We, the people of Mgwali, have endured long years of suffering, due to the absence of development in our community.We have waited for many long years for government to develop our roads, water and sanitation, address poverty and unemployment and provide decent housing for the people of Mgwali.We are marginalised in the land of constitutional democracy, alienated from the rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights; which guarantees our right to adequate housing, food, health care and social security.

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Absence at school because of Period pains.

I would like everyone to support the absence of girls at school because of their periods. They go through unbearable pain and it is almost impossible to focus in the classroom. I am against female school learners attending school whilst on their periods. Girls should be given the power of deciding whether to attend or not. 

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Call for a Referendum by the Citizens of South Africa

A petition by South Africans to call for a Referendum to reclaim our Independence and put a stop to Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates and Medical discrimination against the citizens. We request our Government to test vaccine mandates against our Constitution before allowing Corporations and Entities to enforce it on the population. The majority of South Africans have not accepted the vaccines as sole solution to Covid-19 as per our constitutional rights and based on the fact that the vaccines ha

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Department of Energy: We the residents of Castleview demand that street light repairs become a priority and repairs of street lights in AKasteel rd, Westbury Rd , Brookhill rod, Kipling rd, Deimos rd, Cape Heath rd, Fairthorn rd, Sunstone rd, Hyperion rd, be done with urgency. The increase in crime is having an effect on the safety of the community          

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Make employers liable for any injury caused by mandatory vaccines.

Right now the vaccine companies are completely immune from liability for their products and the governments around the world are mandating that employers mandate the "vaccines" for employment.   If the vaccine companies are immune, and the government is immune, then the corporations that are mandating these for their employees must be made financially responsible for any injuries or death that occurs from taking any of these "mandatory" vaccines.   It is a simple ask really, shouldn't any employ

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Urgent petition to the Ekurhuleni Energy department

We, the residents of Elsburg, Klippoortjie A.L. and Estera in Germiston demand that each substation in these areas be looked at, urgently upgraded and then secured to avoid theft.

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Oak and Range road upgrade delay

Residents have a right to proper service delivery but the failure to address the issues on Oak and Range Roads are putting their lives in danger. Sign this petition to call on the City of Tshwane and the contractor to consult the affected residents instead of ignoring basic requests.  The residents were never consulted or informed of delays regarding Oak and Range Roads. Since the Contractor originally went ahead and removed the asphalt the roads became worse, difficult and unsafe to drive on. 

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Tafelsig, residence are currently  being excluded with fiber internet as there is no infrastructure in place.  Our small businesses unable to sustain themself paying high data and internet charges. Our scholars is being placed on disadvantages as the  libraries in area are  always closed, over crowded or offline. Our kids are being placed at a disadvantage . Our teens could  do internet  research for their projects in the comfort of their own homes. All other areas of Mitchells Plain has been ac

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Stop MAndatory Vaccines @ Wits

An abysmal collision between organisations of the world has been happening aimed at vaccine (Pharmacuticals) marketing. Having started a petition yesterday (@ change petition website), which got way above 2000 signatures. Our petition was put down without any consultation or right of response. However, we stand firm behind our SRC SG in the expression that mandatory vaccines are a NO and since vaccinated people also can pass covid, the point of every week testing (for unvaccinated) must be revis

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Allow Unvaxxed people entry into Malls in Singapore

The original petition had been removed on 12 Oct'21 morning! Censorship by Big Tech again! It has garnered more than 7350 signatures as of 11 Oct'21 night! Please sign this petition to let your voice be heard again! Allow unvaxxed people to enter malls in Singapore! Singapore is a densely-populated island and most goods n services are concentrated in malls for this reason. How can unvaxxed people be denied of important, including essential, goods n services for themselves n their families? This

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B3 Noise Nuisance - Section 13 of the STMA - Flamingo Close

Section 13 of the STMA is instructive. Section 13(1)(d) states that an owner/tenant must use & enjoy the common property in such a manner as to not interfere unreasonably with the use and enjoyment thereof by other owners or other persons lawfully on the premises. Section 13(1)(e) goes on to say that an owner/tenant must not use his or her section nor exclusive use area, or permit it to be used in a manner or for the purpose which may cause a nuisance to any occupier of a section.  The coupl

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Africa needs a Wellness Card!!!

Dear Wellness Competitor, History was made last night and I feel it is something worth petitioning for to request a Wellness Pro Card for the 2021 NPC Worldwide African Pro Qualifier. I have engaged with the Promoter, Candice Whitehead, who fully supports the initiative and promised to take our request directly to the Vice-President, Mr Tyler Manion. Travelling out of Africa Internationally at this point in time is still a Huge Challenge for us athletes so we make this plea for a local Opportuni

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