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Vote of no Confidence for South African Handball Federation executive

For the past few years the federation has been a joke and it has shown that it has no Handball  interest at heart. 1. Every tournament held has been a shumble. No prizes, no branding, no leadership and misrepresentation. 2. Financial reports have been inconsistant 3. Funds have been abused. Deposited in Personál accounts and used for personal gain. 4.Taking decisions without the consultation of the council members. Total disregard of council members. 5. The treasurer can not even begin to explai

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Periods are not a choice. The government has an obligation to provide sanitary pads to pupils in previously disadvantaged communities especially those who are still at primary school and secondary school level. If they can distribute condoms for free of charge, they can certainly do the same with pads. The cost of living has become so high especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, parents cannot afford to buy sanitary pads instead of food.  So we are appealing to the public to help us si

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Academic excellence can be achieved If everyone plays their part. Students of EPH105C EPH105C kindly request a new lecturer to be assigned to this module

  It is of great importance that a new engineering physical science lecturer be assigned for the year module EPH105C , reasons being that the students are not satisfied with outcomes they get from the lectures. Majority of the students are failing this module due to the following: 1) The lecturer says he will get back to students regarding questions students have but fails to do so. 2) The lecturer fails to give sufficient examples to properly convey the contents of module. 3) The lecturer simpl

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Hello Students We are thinking about taking up the issue of neglect from our lecturer of the module SRE318 with the dean of the CHS department. It has come to our attention that a lot of students are failing and struggling with this module. We as students feel as if there is a gap in the information provided and a lack of understanding and willingness to help us from our superiors. We are sending this message to find out if anyone would be willing to sign a letter of concern and send it to the d

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Justice For Victims of Saluki News Cafè

We living in a society where we're surrounded by PervertsSecurities are supposed to make sure that we feel secure and safeManagers should handle situation that involves their customers bettersManagers should stop protecting culprits Our Sisters and little Sisters should feel safe at all timesA place that doesn't have Batho Pele Principles should be Shut Down.

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Justice for Ruchian Kay Lawak

On 29 September 2021, 28-year-old Ruchian Kay Lawak Scottsdene sadly lost her life due to stabbing by her her ex-boyfriend whilst in the presence of her 2-year old daughter. Her family is traumatised by the violent manner in which she departed from this life. An entire community in mourning about yet another senseless killing. Women across South Africa are angry that we are not safe South Africa has unacceptable high levels of violence against women and children despite having a Constitution tha

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Petition Against Mandatory Vaccinations At Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University Council, We stand against Stellenbosch University Council's decision to create new university regulations, to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory. Signing this petition does not mean that we are anti-vaccine, It means that we believe that people should make their own decisions regarding medical procedures. Hence follows reasons for and against taking the vaccine, as well as constitutional arguments against a mandate from a government institution. Whether people choose to

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Petition for enclosure of Tierberg Road Bridge Retaining Walls

We, the undersigned eligible voters of the City of Cape Town and community of Parow East (Fairfield Estate/Avondale), in accordance with Chapter 7 of the Constitution 152D, petition the City Council of Environmental Health & Safety, to submit the following resolution to the Cape Town City Council for its inclusion on the 1 November 2021 general city election ballot: Furthermore, we petition the following person(s) directly: Councillor: Jackie Visser of Ward 10; Sub council 6  Sub council Man

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Stop the relocation of Pomona Informal settlers to Tedstoneville

Urgent request for community to stand together against the moving of the Pomona informal settlers (Kempton Park) to Tedstoneville. Please assist by signing an urgent petition to demand that the council stop this planned moved immediately We, the residents of  Germiston, hereby strongly object to the relocation of informal settlements into our suburbs!  Stop the planned relocation of informal settlers into a park/open space area in Tedstoneville Ward 42 Germiston and any other intended areas! We

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Stop the City of Ekurhuleni from relocating informal settlers from Pomona to Tedstonville Germiston!

We the residents of Germiston call on the MMC for Human Settlements, Cllr. Lesiba Mpya Ndosi, to take immediate action on the following compliant.  The City of Ekurhuleni is planning to move informal settlers from Pomona Informal Settlement to no 2 Jackdaw Street, corner Vink and Gans Street, Tedstonville on 01 December 2021. This site has no services available like water, sanitation or electricity and is most definitely not suitable to settle any informal settlement. We as the residents object

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Petition to have Porphyria in South Africa added to the Chronic Disease List (CDL )of Diseases

  Please sign this petition if you live in South Africa and have Porphyria. It doesnt matter what type of Porphyria you have. We want to get Porphyria recognised as a Chronic Disease and therefore added to the South African Chronic Disease List (CDL). In order to do this, we need to get as many people who have Porphyria to add their signature to this. The South African Porphyria Foundation is a newly formed entity, we are currently in the process of having the Foundation registered as a non-pro

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Review By-laws on keeping wild animals in a residential area

The current by-laws for keeping wild animals in an enclosure, in a residential area, don't include exotics and therefore, allowing residents to keep tigers in a built-up residential area. Currently, several residents in Boksburg, Benoni, Springs, Brakpan and Nigel keep tigers on their properties as pets.  Should any of these tigers escape, it could pose a threat to the lives of the community, causing devastation and possible death of innocent bystanders and neighbours. It must be understood tha

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Review Property Rates increases levied for the financial year 2020/21 in the City of Ekurhuleni

  Covid 19 has robbed many people of their livelihoods and income, thereby adversely affecting their standard of living. Property Rates were increased without proper public participation - as per the guidelines of National Treasury - due to lockdown.  The ANC and their coalition partners increased Property Rates without following due process. The Da simply accepted these exorbitant increases and never utilised the remedies available to them as Councillors, as elected representatives or the Resi

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Keeping our Area Safe

By creating this petition we hope to, with the assistance of the JRA (Johannesburg Roads Agency), make our area safe. We are looking at approaching the JRA about the possibility of installing either speed bumps / traffic circles in the area. By doing this we will hopefully be able to make the area safer for all, and prevent any fatal accidents. There are a number of nursery schools in the area, and on a daily basis Witdoring, Kameeldoring and Freda roads are used as a main throughfare for commun

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Alveda Park Wi-Fi Crisis

We the residents of Alveda Park, here collectively agree to send this Petition to Linteg Fibre Pty Ltd.  We here request indulgence and attention on the following matters; i) Poor and Constant interruption(s) to wi-fi & internet services.ii) Billing Problems,which includes wrong billing and invoicing based on unverified information.                                                                         iii) Price hike without consultation.                                                   

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Alveda Wi-Fi Crisis

We the residents of Alveda here collectively agree to send this petition to Linteg Fibre requesting indulgence on the following matters; i) Poor and Constant interruption to Wi-Fi serviceii) Billing Problems,which includes wrong billing & Price hike without consultation and srvice cut based unverified billing information.iii) We call for one communication channel between Linteg and All Customers of Alveda.  Alveda Community 

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Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity   29 September 2021     The International Criminal Court Office of the Prosecutor Post Office Box 19519 2500 CM The Hague The Netherlands     And   Ms. Karen Mosoti, or official replacement for the office of Liaison Office of the International Criminal Court to the United Nations 866 United Nations Plaza Suite 476 New York, NY, 10017 USA 212-486-1346/47/62     Email:   Dear

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Stop sewage spills into the Korsman Conservancy!

We, the residents of Benoni and neighbouring towns visiting Korsmans Conservancy, hereby Petition that the City of Ekurhuleni and that the Portfolio committee of COGTA in Parliament, investigate the continual sewerage spillage into Korsmans Conservancy and formulate an immediate action plan to rectify the following concerns:     1. The pump station was built in 1953, and cannot handle the capacity of residents in the area. 2. There is only one pump in the station which breaks on a regular basis.

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Provide fair access to Council flats in Ward 88, Nigel!

We, the undersigned rate payers/home owners/residents of Ward 88 in Nigel, Ekurhuleni hereby petition the MMC for Human Settlements, Cllr. Lesiba Mpya, and the Head of Department, Andile Mahlalutye, to ensure that eleven vacant Council flats, which include units in Mackenzieville, Noycedale, Burt Jooste and Dunnottar are prepared, and that applicants on the existing waiting list are allowed to enter into lease agreements with the City of Ekurhuleni. In addition, we request that urgent steps be t

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Objection against demolition and intended development on Erf 296, 31 First street, Lambton

We, the residents of Ward 39, Lambton, Parkhill Gardens, Denlee, Hazelpark, Hazeldene, Webber, Delville and neighboring suburbs, hereby strongly object to the current demolition and the intended development of a multi unit complex on the Property, 31 First Street, Lambton, erf 296. Our infrastructure cannot cope with any additional load, the ongoing power outages this area has experienced in the last months is a clear indication of this, furthermore placing more pressure and overloading the allr

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