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Replace/Upgrade the Woodmere Stormwater Channel!

We the undersigned residents of Woodmere, Marlands and Witfield in Ward 92, Noting that:- 1.       The Ward 92 IDP included the following item for a number of years now - “Completion of the stormwater upgrades required in terms of the Storm water master plan including north of Buurendal attenuation dam and the rehabilitation of collapsed storm water infrastructure in Woodmere and Marlands”. 2.       Houses in a number of streets including Laurel Street, Coral Street, Hazel Street, Barbara Road a

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Breaching of the employment contract

We signed 3 years merseta contract of which it says we going to be getting R4000 every months for three years. We have not been paid for the last  3 month(July ,August and September). After all we are now told that we can continue working if we want to but we not going to get paid as the contract will be on hold from end of September on wards. The importance of pxt was not clearly communicated to us and at the times they deducted more money than we had agreed and that impacted us badly. We were

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Moloto residence complains

Bad treatments of tenants, moloto should listen to our demands 

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To Whom it concern,the below serves to formally refuse the planned request for rezoning at the below address: 51 & 53 Mabel Street Rosetenville ; Trading as Las Vegas Inn We the residents of Townsview, Rosetenville and surrounds would like to formally place on record with reference to the attached signatures, that we refuse in the utmost disregard the rezoning of 51 & 53 Mabel Street Rosetenville, This particular premises has continually been an absolute pain for residents in that its ma

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Boxing should be sport at high-school

Boxing should be a sport at high-schools, the sport is very disciplined and teaches students how to use self defense and also to take their anger and aggression out on the sport instead of friends, family and teachers, it is just as safe as rugby and hockey with the right precautions, and I believe it is more of a sport than e-sports 

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Vosloorus taxi drivers should stop harassing Bolt & Uber drivers kwanele

I am totally against the victimization of Uber and Bolt drivers and also our lives are in danger, because if they attack bolt or Uber with a passenger in the car you are left stranded no matter what time it is.  I'm pleading with Vosloorus residents to sign this petition to show our support to Uber/bolt drivers and let the authorities to know that we need Uber! Bolt services it is our right to choose who we want to transport us.  We will not be bullied by taxi drivers anymore it enough. 

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#Shut Down Bright Stars Academy

Good Day Parents and The Community of Alexandra I greet you all with a heavy heart following the news that surfaced tregarding a rape case which has been ignored and not communicated to us the parents of our children. We continued to take our children to that transport for 6 months after this has happened and God knows if our kids have also been victim of this. We need to make sure justice is served for the child who has suffered such a traumer and the parent who suffered this pain. Parents and

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I need your support to sign the petition so that the final accounting paper can increase from 2 hours to 3 hours,as I have been hearing people complain saying that they couldn't finish because of time . ( i personally struggle with that as well ) . Which at time affects  marks  Please please sign so that the department can change it before final paper. Thank you inadvance 

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Improve Service Delivery in Germiston, Ekurhuleni!

Attention: Mayor Mzwandile Masina and City Manager Imogen Mashazi: We the residents of Ward 36 and 92 Germiston, demand:  1. All budget be spent on the upgrades on the water reticulation infrastructure in the Sunnyridge area, the Korhaan water Tower & Windsor street Pump Station, to prevent the constant water outages in the areas.  Please supply upgrade & maintenance plan for water infrastructure to the relevant Ward Councillors. 2. Feedback on Electricity outages be given on area outage

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Extension of Private Accommodation Application closing date

We are asking for the University of Free State to please extend the closing date of the private accommodation application because all year we have been paying out of our pockets, and we are poor. It's our money after, so can they please not be greedy and extend the date & accept our applications... 

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Relocate and formalise the Mabodeni Informal Settlement

We the undersigned residents and businesses of Mabondeni and Elandsfontein in Ward 92, Noting that: 1.     The Mabondeni Informal Settlement in Elandsfontein was established on Transnet land and therefore can’t be provided with permanent services such as Electricity, Water and Sanitation infrastructure. 2.     The Informal Settlement has been established on a wetland leading to high risks of flooding of both Mabondeni and Elandsfontein. 3.     The residents of the informal settlement Ilegally co

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North West Mahikeng Campus Basketball Team for USSA

We as the Mafikeng basketball team, have worked very hard in the past 9 months to participate in the USSAs and the North West University instution is denying us of this opportunity. Please help us by signing this pertition to prove that we have everyone's support.

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To Whom it May Concern  Have A Great Day! I and other unisa students  , we would like to inform you that we are requesting for the final exam rewrite/ second chance of  CPD1501 .as we encountered technical problems,some couldn't access the question paper and others got it but invigilator app said " the exam can only be accessed at 10:00 - 10:30  on  other hands we even called the exam line 012  429 3111 to sort out the matter but it was already late .we are hereby asking the institution to grant

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speedhumps/traffic calming measures be installed on Elizabeth between the highway ( N12 ) and Leith Road

“ We the residents of Impala Park , Bardene , Bartlett and Witkoppie Ridge request that speedhumps/traffic calming measures be installed on Elizabeth between the highway ( N12 ) and Leith Road . The reason being that motorist travel at high speed over the bridge Creating a very dangerous intersection at Leith road for traffic exiting and entering     We adhere to The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 which aims: to promote the protection of personal information processed by public

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Make the Community of Bedfordview Safe!

  We, the residents of Bedfordview, are calling for immediate action by the South African Police Services (SAPS) and the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD) to make our communities safe again! Robberies at residential premises have increased by 350% across Bedfordview. While crimes like Assault to cause Grievous bodily harm is up a horrifying 1800% and theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles is up 100%! We are calling on the SAPS to ensure our Constitutional rights to freedom and s

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Service Delivery in Ekurhuleni

Please can we stand together as a community to get some feedback or at least a little priority when it comes to the service delivery in Ekurhuleni  The constant no power struggle  If we have power there is no water and visa versa potholes Rubbish collection not consistent  Street lights are on but residents power off Street lights not working  Illegal power connections

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Support Masjid Taqwa

Assalamu Alaikum The trustees of Masjid Taqwa plan to appoint a new head Imaam after Sheikh Shamiel Panday announced his resignation from formal duties. The community of Masjid Taqwa and its Imaamah have not been consulted with regards to this appointment, despite our current Imaams having invested in the community and having sacrificed so much.The Musalees of Masjid Taqwa, therefore urge the trustees to collaborate and engage with the community in all Masjid affairs for transparency and inclusi

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The regular MTN cellphone outages are outrageous and so is the fact that the company does not even bother to inform its clients of the reasons for the service interruption and when it is expected that it would be restored. My service at Haga Haga on the South African East Coast has been down for days! Would you please support this partition by sharing the problems you experience with the company?

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TSHWANE BUS SERVICE UNPROFESSIONAL ACT This petition serve  to bring our concerns to TBS Herewith we need to get the following points addressed and solved by the management of TBS  1. The main concern is the faulty tapping machine which over charge 2. No busses or busses late 3. Over capacity of busses on routes  No social distance 4. Drivers left commuters stranded till very late in evenings 5. Late afternoon busses leaving earlier than scheduled time at terminus 6. Time tables / schedules not

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Cancel the irregular lease for land portion around the Nigel Dam!

We the undersigned rate payers, home owners and residents of Ward 88, Nigel, hereby petition the MMC for Finance and Economic Development, Clr. Nkosindiphile Xhakaza, and HOD, to urgently instruct Legal and Corporate Department to cancel the irregular lease for a portion of land bordering the Nigel Dam. This portion of land includes a public park and is used for recreational purposes by the Nigel community. In addition, no public participation was conducted with the residents of Nigel. Disclaime

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