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 Every Police station has a territorial jurisdiction where it can register FIRs and complaints of the general public and exercise their functions basically investigation, inquiry, search, and arrests. Klopper Park jurisdiction falls under Bedfordview SAPS, which is approximately 9km away from Klopper Parks jurisdiction.   REASONS WHY KLOPPER PARK NEEDS A SATELLITE POLICE STATION ·       The distance for Klopper Park residents to travel to Bedfordview Police Station is far.  There is huge time d

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Pioneer Valley - Myciti bus in the intervals of 20-25 minutes during non-peak hours

We would like to have myciti buses in the intervals of 20-25 minutes during the day including weekends. Pioneer Valley consists of more than 536 houses occupied already with more people moving in the area almost every month as the development is still in progress (currently building more houses and block of flats). There are a lot of people who depend on myciti bus as their mode of transport. 

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Octotel Fibre Infrastructure - Pioneer Valley

We would like to get octotel infrastructure in Pioneer Valley housing complex since their prices are more affordable. 

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HRM306D/PRM310T Summative assessment rewrite

We were expected to study four chapters(9,10,11 and 12) only to find out that the paper consists of a few questions. There were questions that counted questionable  marks, for example, Question 1,2 counted 16 marks, question 3,1 counted 20 marks, question 4,1 counted 15 marks, making those particular questions a total of 51 marks (bearing in mind that the total of the paper is 75 marks). The examiner Dr MM MMAKO should have at least broken down the questions to accommodate more questions! Theref

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MI7 For Liberty Mall

Safety for us as community when shopping. A safe space which Mi7 national group can make.    Help keep us and our children safe. 

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Mo Arbee to get fixed in December

Mo has agreed if I get over 300 signatures he'll get fixed in December

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Change the testing methods of Physics at DUT

 There is mass failure in physics in the 1st year health science class at DUT. I think the major problem is the lecturers and their teaching methods. Numerous students have complained about not understanding the work and content taught in class. This seems to be negatively impacting students. Although complaints were made earlier in the semester, nothing was done. It would be a good option to change the testing methods to online or to making all questions multiple choice, since it's too late to

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Bring back Bokomo Otees - Mixed Berry Flavoured Multigrain Toasted Cereal

In case you hadn't noticed, there are no more Mixed Berry Otees on the shelf. I contacted Customer Care at Pioneer Foods and was informed that this flavour has been discontinued as they were not popular. This cannot be true! I am sure there are many little girls and boys out there missing their Berry Otees. We bought up all the stock we could find but we are now on our last box. My daughter is heartbroken. If you or your kiddos are missing Berry Otees, please let us know by signing this petition

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We, the residents, parents and  insitutions of Tshwane petition the Provincial Commisioner of SAPS to take action to stop the crime at the clubs along Lynnwood road known as The Strip. Rape, drugs, under age patrons, and murder are the norm now in this area. Victims are too scared to do affidavits, and stakeholder consultation is not working. SAPS Brooklyn simply denies the underage patrons, and will not provide and stats or information. We are told they send a vehicle regularly. The area needs

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Fencing for Langermann Koppie

Langermann Koppie is a Nature park in East Central Johannesburg with 360 degree views of Johannesburg city centre and Bedfordview.  In recent months our beautiful koppie and neighbourhood have been overrun with criminals. As there is no exisiting fencing infrastructure between the reserve, the street and houses - it's become a prime spot for criminals to make quick and easy getaways over the koppie.  This petition is a plea to City Parks to erect fencing that will keep our neighbourhood safe and

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