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Mercisha Tedpaul was strangled and beaten to death two weeks ago. Her body was thrown into a ditch. She was not murdered by strangers. She was murdered by people she lived with, people she considered family. She leaves behind two little girls, aged 7 and 3.  Help us lock these Monsters away. They dont deserve bail. They dont deserve life. Please add your name to this list It will be handed into Court as evidence that justice needs to be served and that enough is enough.

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Salary to be payed in full for statssa FWS and FW, as per contract signed

The late start of the project should not be blamed on fieldworkers, all fieldworkers trained in January and passed their assessments well in time and they were readily available to work from census night, and signed working contracts should all get paid from 2-28 Feb full payment on the 10/03/2022. As per the rates on contract signed. 

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TUTEH is charging over R56.000 per students annually leaving students to owe the institution an paying shortfalls. Students who are appealing and who are not nsfas beneficiaries are being kicked out of TUTEH residences.

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We want a general meeting with the removal of Mr S Mathibela as a trustee of the body corporate of Royston Ridge Complex, 4 Royston Road Amanzimtoti, and consequently as chairperson.  Secondly, due to there only being 3 trustees left from 13, new trustees and an acting chairperson must be elected.  This must be effected within the required 14 day period.

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100% NSFAS book allowance

Help us fight against the NWU 50% learning material allowance for students registered for less than 5 modules. According to NSFAS every student must get the full amount(5200) allowance. As students we need to buy books and other materials the 50% will not be enough hence books are very expensive

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Extention of the Educational Assistant contract!!

We urge the South African Government to renew the Contract of the EA's / GA's because  Source of income for many Households in South Africa ' With this Contract coming to an end in March ' the Youth of South Africa back to poverty and lack... The department said that Approximately  300 000 youth were participating in this program  ' This program was able to bring bread to 300 000 Households' but  now many will be unemployed and  the economy of South Africa will be Affected!!! We therefore urge a

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SA Farmers/Grain users Petision against the current JSE location differential methodology.

Against:The current JSE location differential methodology. For:A newly negotiated location differential …. What should be done:1. Put an immediate moratorium on changes to location differencials for maize, soya, sunflower and wheat untill February 2023?2. Reverse the newly published location differentials for soya.3. Keep the current 2021/2022 location differentials in place untill a new methodology is in place.4. Implement new model bases on Prof Strauss's model. How:1  Lobby for the petition t

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Urgent installation of a filter arrow at the intersection of Delmas Rd & Barnard St

There is a critical requirement for a filter arrow to assist traffic travelling in a northerly direction on Delmas Rd to turn right into Barnard St, Wingate Park. Oncomming traffic is often unsighted and travelling fast, making this a hazardous endeavour. We therefore wish to petition Tshwane Roads Dept to install a turn filter arrow at this intersection, in the interest of road users safety. Daryl Johnston Councillor Ward 47 Tshwane

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Teaching assistant post,age restriction,Nsfas beneficiaries

Teaching assistant post must not consider age limit, because we all have qualifications and we are all equall,  Including Nsfas beneficiaries because some are unemployed ,some earn less than R350.000 Let the Gorverment treat us equal.we all need employment not only 18 to 35 must be employed!  

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The community has observed that various drivers do not adhere to the legal speed limits while driving within the community, which increases the risk of fatal collisions. The community discussed this issue internally, and it was deduced that additional speed humps are required to lower the driving speed. In addition, speed limit signage should be installed throughout the community to remind drivers of the legal speed limit. Hence, we, the undersigned members of Sky city Extension 20 hereby compil

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Unisa student data to be monthly

We fully understand that Unisa it is for  working class society but they're also unemployed candidate who can't afford data at all NSFAS doesn't help because you have to register 10 modules to receive 290 . They don't qualify for job post under government because they're funded by NSFAS they're declined for unemployment grant and assistance  job post they were also declined. We now demand for monthly data 

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Bringing back supporters to stadium

I am calling for the governement and the disaster management to now allow supporters back to stadium. As they allow full capacity of student to back fully to schools. Even those venders need to atleast regain their business from stadium supporters so to manage supporting their families, because that R350 is not enough for them on a daily occurance. So please open stadium for us and we be proud to support our team as such please to those in charge do the right thing and open stadiums for supporte

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Objection to the proposed rezoning of 179 South Rand Rd from Residential 1 to a place of Worship

Objection to the proposal of rezoning and changes in conditions as per the land development notice for Portion 38 of Erf 34, Klippoortje Agricultural Lots, situated at 179 South Rand Road, Klippoortje Agricultural Lots, Germiston We, the LamDel Residents Association and the residents of Germiston, Ward 39, hereby object to the proposed rezoning of Portion 38 of Erf 34, Klippoortje Agricultural Lots, situated at 179 South Rand Road, Klippoortje Agricultural Lots, Germiston, from Residential 1 to

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Sign this petition to start a girls cricket team at Parel Vallei High School.

Parel Vallei has never had a girls cricket team and I think it's time to start one! I need girls who are willing to join to sign this petition. I will then be taking it to the head of sport and asking them to start a girls cricket team from grades 8 to 12. Please send this petition to like minded girls!   

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Vodacom tower power failure Zastron

We need Vodacom to upgrade and maintain our tower. Going 5 days per month qithout reception is unacceptable,  and our small community depends on their reception.     Also Telkom, and CellC uses their tower, and when Vodacom is offline  or tower is failing,  so are the other networks.    Lets teem up, as Vodacom is the leading and most supported network in our community.   

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No more power outages in Kempton park/Norkem Park

HiPlease help sign this petition.   Goal - to express our concern and frustrations regarding the continious power outages in Kempton Park/Norkem Park. Which is affecting our jobs (when working from home), our appliances, our food etc.   We are frustrated and demand that the power outages / faults in our area be sorted out and that we demand gas geizers and solar panels/power as we can no longer suffer the consequences for the lack of maintenance and theft for all houses in Norkem Park and Kempto

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City Power - Johannesburg Municipality to address frequent, prolonged power failures in Block’s amongst others

Dear Mayor Mpho Phalatse We would like to invite you to a meeting with concerned residents from the Weltevreden and Randpark Ridge community. We have a number of pressing unresolved urgent issues.  City Power Issues  1.  The frequent, prolonged power failures experienced.  These outages are very frequent and can go on for 48 to 72 hours at times.  This situation is totally unacceptable.  It would seem that a temporary fix in 2021 changed them from Block 16 to Block 8.  This may be causing an ove

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Crescent Glades Estate: Owners Petition In Respect Of The Security System/Measures

As owners within the Crescent Glades Estate we hereby petition the current security system and measures at the 2 main entrances i.e. the entrance next to Noordwyk Secondary School and across the Clubhouse for the following reasons: The digitalized access system which enables residents to utilize the Tap-Tap functionality for visitors, which is not in use and/or not operational, this was one of the conditions which was supposed to be met upon handover to the HOA, a properly functioning and fully

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FIX AND OPEN THE R711 between Clarens and Fouriesburg URGENTLY

The Free State Department of Police, Roads and Transport closed the road and indicated that the road will be closed for at least 12 months! This was not a sudden sindhole development but existed since early 2022 and nothing was done about it then. (Dr Daniel Marven (PhD) on Twitter: "Motorists are advised to be cautious on R711 road between Clarens and Fouriesburg, Free State.

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SAPS, TMPD, BROLL properties and the owners of the property in which SUMMIT is operating, must take action to ensure the rights of the residents of Newlands, Ashlea Gardens, Alphen Park  and other surrounging suburbs and upheld.  Residents  are disturbed into the early hours of the morning every weekend and at times in the week. No one has the right to make a noise which disturbs the lives of others. Property rights do not allow noise off the premises.  Transgression of the stipulations of the N

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