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Fight against NWU's mandatory vaccinations

Help us fight against the NWU's new mandatory vaccination rule and for every student's human rights. Currently no student will be allowed on any North-West University campus to participate in NWU related activities, such as contact classes or sports, if they are not vaccinated from approximately 4 March 2022.

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Damage Control: Sky Kiddies Day Care (SkyCity Mall Branch)

We, as stakeholders of the Centre, under the SkyKiddies Day Care submit our request for your consideration. Whilst we appreciate your approval for SkyKiddies to be situated in your complex, we request your intervention to the flooding experienced. We discovered that it is not for the first time we experience flooding at the Day Care within the complex. We wish to say that it is becoming a safety and security risk that the leaks requires your urgent attention. Your consideration in providing us w

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Metro police visibility at the corner of whestone and lenham drive intersection

We the Residents of the affected area on whestone drive hereby request Metro police visibility at the corner of whestone and lenham drive intersection from Monday to Friday at 6am to 8:30am which are the peak time. We are frustrated with drivers that do not obey the law of the road. They drive on sidewalks and oncoming lane which will either cause a major accident or a loss off life one day. This needs serious attention and request Metro police to stand off at the required times.

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Service 7:30am Eindhoven bus to Somerset Mall and 19:00pm somerset mall to Eindhoven days

A bus service from 07:30am from Eindhoven to Somerset Mall. A bus service 19:00pm from Somerset mall to Eindhoven. 

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Requesting Golden Arrow bus Services between Blackheath via Eersteriver to Stellenbosch

We need a reliable source  of transportation on a daily basis, Mondays to Fridays between 6:00 am and 7:00 am from Blackheath via Eersteriver to Stellenbosch.Then departing from Stellenbosch between 13:00 pm and 16:00.Since Metrorails services have been suspended almost two years ago, it is been difficult for our students who attend colleges an universities in Stellenbosch as well as people being employed in Stellenbosch.This petition will be handed over to Golden Arrow bus Services. 

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City of Tshwane to revert to Agricultural rates until dispute has been resolved.

We herewith request that the City of Tshwane revert to Agricultural rate charges for Agricultural properties until the matter has been resolved in court and at least current litigation surrounding the 2012/13 valuation roll has been finalised. All arrear charges as of 2012/13 to be reversed and all credit conrol measures in relaion to the change of rates from agricultural to residential to be lifted. Alternatively the immediate supply of ALL service that residential rate payers are entitled to i

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Call For a SAHPA Special General Meeting (SGM)

Request by members for directors of [SAHPA – SOUTH AFRICAN HANG GLIDING AND PARAGLIDING ASSOCIATION ] to call a special general meeting The members signing this document request that the directors of [SAHPA – SOUTH AFRICAN HANG GLIDING AND PARAGLIDING ASSOCIATION] call and arrange to hold a general meeting of the corporation to consider the resolutions listed below. The members signing this document nominate [Ronnie Beukes and Zenti Bishop] to be the contact members for this request. Proposed r

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No Confidence against the Mashamaite Secondary School in Waterberg District in Limpopo Province for Principal and the SGB.

Our goal is to have back the commercial studies back, not forcing learners to study a certain stream, must not chase kids away from school. Every child has a right to education. We want transformation to be applied based on the current treatment. Failure to do that, we vote them out.

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Building in Erasmia

PETITION We the undersigned, residents of ERASMIA, hereby, petition the City of Tshwane to; Investigate the construction taking place at 413 Van Dyk street (erf. 495), ERASMIA Noting that: • The building taking place at the above property is not legal according to council approved plans as the construction includes the boundary wall as part of the building. • There does not seem to be any compliance with the City’s by-laws on building and construction in a residential area - *Council has issued

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German S Chiloane accounting teacher must be changed

German is failing to obtain 100% pass rate due to  commerce students failing every year.  The performance for accounting is very poor, we as the concerned parents and matriculated students of German S request that the accounting teacher be changed immediately for the sake of accounting students yet to come .

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Object to 20.5% Electricity tariff hike💯

Refuse the continuous electricity hike. Covid has stolen our jobs, our income, our food.20.5% means no food to eat but scraping to pay for electricity.Lack of money to pay, means South Africa will be in darkness. Government must not exploit taxpayers, to pay for their messups. They must look deep into their pockets, to find this expense. Let our voice be united, to speak against this corruption. Sign this petition against 20.5%increase on electricity, from your pockets. 

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Our 2021 matric results to be sent on SMS through our phones

We want to know our status before fetching statements to avoid many problems.There's Alot of stress occuring amongst us so the SMS's that we are not receiving has put lot of us in too much stress.We spent airtimes approximately to R3 and now they're cancelled but no refunds.Imagine having fellow candidates fainting and some having attacks at school so it won't be a happy day for those who passed as they will be having trauma.We need the SMS's to avoid more humiliation which can end up in suicide

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REASONS FOR THE MOTIVATION AND DEMAND OF SPEED HUMPS IN LAMBTON, GERMISTON.   We are urging the demand for speed bumps in the specific areas of 1ST STREET, 2ND STREET, 1ST AVENUE AND 2ND AVENUE including surrounding streets in the Lambton Germiston area, as this will prompt the safety of the four schools, residents and public park users in the vicinity. These areas have the most troubling occurrences regarding drivers that speed, approximately 120KM/HR IN A 40KM/HR ZONE this includes cars and bi

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Matriculants should receive their results via SMS.

I as a matric 2021 candidate go against the POPIA's decision of MATRIC results no longer being received by candidates via SMS. We as matriculants are already panicking, stressing, overthinking as we approach the release date of matric results, and to add on top of everything we do not need to face the trauma of going to school to get our results. It is already a bad idea to discuss matric results between candidates themselves as it could add pressure and the feeling of failure on top of us. Rece

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Curro's policy is 100% vaccination. Does that include the kids as well?  Your own staff is having problems after some were jabbed.   Let your staff decide for themselves. What trauma are you putting your loyal staff through?  Do you know what change do to kids?   

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Prevent the City of Cape Town from shutting down the Rocklands and Eastridge Clinics, in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa

Less than two months after the Local Government Elections in Cape Town, services are removed from densely populated areas in Mitchell's Plain. Where next?! What next?! What is the value of your vote if those that you voted into Government are removing services in your areas with NO REGARD for babies, children, and mothers that have to access these services? It is a DISGRACE! GOOD does not support the closing (SHUTTING DOWN) of the Rocklands and Eastridge Clinics. We request that the City reviews

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Fix water pressure problems

The residents of Newfileds have been suffering for months with unmanageable reduced water pressure, and at times with the water completely shut off without any prior warning or reasons given. The residents demand a realistic water pressure supply throughout the day.

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Petition to create more medical officer posts for unemployed doctors in KZN

Kindly sign the petition to create more medical officer posts for newly qualified, unemployed doctors in KZN. There are not many posts available due to lack of funding. Many of us are left unemployed after studying and training for 9 years. This is a huge injustice to us and the communities we are meant to serve. This will be handed over with a letter addressed to the MEC of Health in KZN.

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Natasha Booise Moordsaak- Petisie

Raak asseblief deel van die petisie! PETISIE TEEN BORGTOG VIR DIE VERDAGTE IN DIE MOORDSAAK VAN NATASHA BOOISE. Vrydag 07 Januarie 2022 te Piketberg.

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Petisie teen Borg vir die aansoek teen die verdagte in die moordsaak van Natasha Booise.

Raak asseblief deel van die petisie! Ons is almal teen die Borg vir die verdagte in die moordsaak van Natasha Booise.

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