Most popular petitions in South Africa in 2015

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Save our Cape Town

The Cape Flats concerned Residence demand the Government to step in and save us from this violence / gangsterism / crime / unbearable living conditions and to protect our right to live Free and Safe.   We have on numerous occassion requested / demanded the assitance of the neccessary people but to no avail, we gave our demands once again on 19 May 2015 and it was again ignored and bull was handed to us.   Now we demand truthful action as our Vote will count in the next election. Please take thi

Created: 2015-05-26 Statistics

Water Crisis in Ekurhuleni

Currently, Gauteng, and the rest of the country, is experiencing the worst drought in 23 years.   This drought has been compounded by poor management by Rand Water and the Ekurhuleni Metro, which has resulted in water shortages in the municipality and many households' taps running dry.    South Africans have for far too long suffered due to the failure by the ANC government at a national, provincial and local level.   The current water crisis in the Ekurhuleni municipality could have been avoide

Created: 2015-11-14 Statistics


In response to repeated requests from the communities around the Hartbeespoort dam the Hartbeespoort Inhabitants Forum (HiF) requests that the area around the dam be removed from the North West Province and included in Gauteng. The boundary between the two provinces should simply continue along the top of the Magaliesberg mountain range and not deviate from the mountain to take a long circuit south around the dam. Furthermore, the inhabitants ask that Hartbeespoort should not fall under the Madi

Created: 2015-09-04 Statistics

Save The Rock Music Bistro

The Rock Music Bistro as we all know is a stunning little live music venue on the kzn south coast. The Rock has been a successful live music bistro for the passed 7 years. There was a hiccup last year with the previous owner and The Rock unfortunately lost its liquor license. We applied for this license 7 months ago and it is in the process of being granted to us. Unfortunately there are a few people within our immediate community (who we cherish and try to please on a regular basis), these few

Created: 2015-05-20 Statistics

Support for Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School

UPDATE 23 May 2016 Please sign our new petition to show your support for the sale of the Tafelberg school property to the Phyllis Jowel Jewish Day School.       Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School (PJJDS) is a private primary school currently situated in Camps Bay. PJJDS currently has roughly 200 children enrolled and focuses on dual stream secular and religious studies. Over the past number of years, the school has grown tremendously du

Created: 2015-06-02 Statistics

Demand City to help MCRW with a Venue for racing

 We as citizens of Mother City petition our local goverment to assist us in our venture to build a suitable venue for our racing culture.. There has been much in the press lately about the illegal street racing culture in Cape Town, about the acidents that happen and the proposed greater prosecution powers for police to help combat street racing.  There have been reactions from car community of "victimisation" after the City's perceived blanket ban on all car modifications. The point here is tha

Created: 2015-02-16 Statistics

Save the Cresta Car guards

Everyone who as ever visited Cresta shopping center knows how friendly an helpful the car gaurds are. These guys are making a living by looking after our cars, assisting us in finding parking, preventing accidents and even helping us with our groceries. Cresta's management has however decided to install parking booms and gave these guys notice to leave by the end of the month. I speak for most when I say that we would prefer to have someone look after our cars instead of having these booms. Plus

Created: 2015-07-22 Statistics

Ensure the future of the social work profession in South Africa!

We demand that the Minister of Social Development revise the salaries, safety and protective measures for all social workers rendering social work services in South Africa. Words do fall short in explaining the effects that low compensation and difficult, unsafe working conditions has on the service rendering of social workers and on the Profession as a whole. This is the reason that social workers migrate to other countries where better working conditions can be provided.   The following demand

Created: 2015-12-17 Statistics

Steve Khompela Must Fall

We want to see the rapper MT Venacular Mcee on your show Live Amp 

Created: 2015-11-17 Statistics

Speed Cameras for Swartgoud Street, Ridgeway, Jhb South

Reckless driving and speed are the reasons people are losing their limbs, lives and property, on Swartgoud Street in Ridgeway, Johannesburg South. Installation of 2 permanent speed cameras, placed before the very sharp notorious bend, on both sides of the road, will certainly aid in curbing accidents, injuries, loss of life and property, in future. We need to stop road users from speeding in both directions. The momentum built up on this road, leads to drivers unable to take the very sharp bend,

Created: 2015-04-10 Statistics