Most popular petitions in South Africa in 2015

  • Country: South Africa
  • Language: English
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R101 - Road of Death!

We as interested and affected parties using the R101 between Pretoria and Hammanskraal, DEMAND URGENT attention and management of this “ROAD OF DEATH”, and regard it as HIGH PRIORITY!!! We, as a community, comprising the following entities: Taxpayers Businesses Parents of school going children School children Road users We demand the following to be addressed WITHOUT delay and as a matter of URGENCY: 1.       Safer access onto the R101 from the following points: Murray Hill connection to the R10

Created: 2015-02-13 Statistics


PETISION TO BE HANDED TO THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AND CORRECTIONAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT As a parent I am struggling to come to terms with the brutal and premeditated sexual abuse of my son. My pressing concern is the sentence handed out to the abuser Rudolph Coetzee is way too lenient for the hideous crime he committed. The degree of torture, brutality, meted to my son during the time of the abuse that he suffered at the hands of this monster is nothing short of sewage, callous and inhuman. The re

Created: 2015-10-03 Statistics

Save The Stables Life Style Market - the famous moon light market

Hi Guys, The management and the stall holders of the Stables Lifestyle Market were served an illegal notice from council to vacate the Stables permisses by  the 31st August 2015. The  matter at the moment is in the hands of our legal team. We are taking the matter to the high court to overturn the evictions notice and to force the council to comply with the discussions between us and Hoy Park on behalf of the council. the management of The Stables Lifestyle Market will not leave without fighting

Created: 2015-07-22 Statistics

Place the Springbok Rugby Emblem over our Hearts where it belongs

We as true Springbok Rugby supporters had enough:   We as Springbok Rugby fans have a right to be upset – We are passionate about the Bok emblem and believe and demand that it should be prominently displayed, over our players hearts where it belongs. There are thousands of furious "true" Bok fans who won't be buying the jersey introduced for the 2015 Rugby World Cup that was launched in Cape Town. Just as many true Springbok Rugby fans undertakes to boycott the games by not supporting the games

Created: 2015-06-05 Statistics

Petition to declare Sandy Bay beach an Official Naturist Beach

On Sunday 14th of December 2014, on the World Naturists Day for Southern Hemisphere, Western Cape Naturist Association – WCNA , has launched on Sandy Bay a petition for this beach to be declared an official naturist/nudist beach. Many people, especially in South Africa, know that Sandy Bay is a cradle of South African naturist movement. WCNA recognises Sandy Bay as a naturist heritage site in Cape Town and this beach is visited, for decades already, by naturists from all over South Africa and t

Created: 2014-12-16 Statistics

Red die Cheetahs! Fire die bestuur span!

 Ons as cheetahs ondersteuners het nou genoeg gehad van swak bestuur in die unie. Top bestuur moet oorhandig word! Weg met Harold Verster!                                                     We as Cheetahs supporters had enough of the way the union are managed. Top magement has to be handed over! Gone with Harold Verster!

Created: 2015-04-04 Statistics


This petition is from the every day South African who is tired of the corruption, incompetence and failings of the government under President Jacob Zuma. South Africans are forced to watch as you lie year after year. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer under your impassive gaze. No longer can we tolerate the blatant and willful destruction of our economy and country as a whole and the path that you lead us on is no longer a democracy - it is dangerously close to being a d

Created: 2015-12-10 Statistics

George Municipality to enforce bylaw relating to roads and street

We hereby demand that George Municipality enforce the bylaw relating to roads and streets particularly the corner of 1st and Knysna Streets, where daily job seekers / vagrants stand.   Issues we have:   1.    Victimization of females 2.    Increasing criminal activity in the area 3.    Personal hygiene and the fact that there is no public toilet   4.    Substance abuse on street corner 5.    People running across the street for a possible job is an accident waiting to happen     We demand that t

Created: 2015-05-07 Statistics

bnur exams must fall

We as the bnur 2 and 3 urge the use of our CAM to be use as final year mark, as stated in rectors email and also as stated in our memorandum of grievence.

Created: 2015-11-16 Statistics

D734 Gravel Road Hammanskraal to Moloto Road MUST BE CONCRETED

The D734 gravel road is so bad that international and local South African tourists have refused to visit the area which includes the Dinokeng Game Reserve, a number of world class game lodges, an internationally recognised naturist resort, caravan parks, lion parks and conference centres. The Director of Roads for the area has agreed that this road should be high priority to be concreted but it is not even on the list of roads to be upgraded. According to the Director of Roads, there are roads o

Created: 2015-04-08 Statistics