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MAN 307 Term Test 1

Good Day   It is of great concern the number of students that are complaining about the MAN 307 term test that was written (13 March 2020). Also students have stated in the WhatsApp group their difficulty in completing the term test. (Proof can be proved upon request). We are of the opinion that it is unfair to test students on concepts that were not taught to us in class or in tutorials. Why do we have tutorials sessions or lectures if the work covered is not being tested in the term test With

Created: 2020-03-13 Statistics

Unjustified Fees Top Up at Chaplin in Gweru.

We, as parents of children at Chaplin High School, Gweru, Zimbabwe reject the new culture of unjustified top up school fees. While, we might understand the prevailing harsh economic  conditions, let us acknowledge that these high additional fees being asked for every term were not authorised by either the government or the responsible Ministry. Chaplin is not  some island from a different planet.  It is like any other school within the borders of Zimbabwe.  As parents, we are slowly losing confi

Created: 2020-03-01 Statistics


Hi people of africa we created this petition is for  PUBG to create a AFRICA SERVER as players in Africa  are at a disadvantage because we have to play on other servers and we do not have a good ping rate when playing on other servers which results in other players with a better ping rate having an unfair advantage over players in africa. we as loyal players we spend money on this game and it is fustrating that we dont have our own server we have already tried different method like using a vpn b

Created: 2019-07-16 Statistics

Support the KhoiSan Peoples at Union Building

They have walked for more than 1300km from Port Elizabeth to Pretoria after government has broken their promise to the KhoiSan People where they said they will come back to them after staying at the Union Building in 2017. Their demands are clear 1)They fighting for recognition of the KhoiSan People as First Nation of South Africa. 2) They fighting for the language of the KhoiSan People to be official. 3) They fighting for landsrights as Aboriginal Peoples 4) They fighting for the word coloured

Created: 2019-07-13 Statistics

Bring back Simba Suuruitjie flavour

Petition to bring back Simba Suuruitjie Flavour Please express your desire for Simba Chips to bring out this flavour again by signing this petition.

Created: 2019-02-22 Statistics


      Dear Minister Bheki Cele, We the undersigned is requesting that a new reliable investigating officer is appointed to investigate the Gert van Rooyen/Joey Haaroff missing children case.  It is 30 years this year that our girls are missing and the current investigating officer is not making any progress.  We demand that the parents get answers.  Many people have fractured information and it is time that we get an investigating officer who can put these puzzle pieces together and give these

Created: 2019-01-02 Statistics

Save the Beard from Boxing South Africa

Boxing South Africa have a Regulation 23 (j) which states that a boxer must be clean- shaven. We have seen, as in the picture above that many local and international boxers have facial hair. We want this regulation over turned and amended to say that a boxer must have "short and well groomed" facial hair. Please sign and share this, we as licensees have a voice, let’s make it heard.

Created: 2018-04-09 Statistics

Call for FOOD FOR ALL at UJ

The EFF Student Command at the University of Johannesburg (APK Campus) recognises that first and second year students receiving NSFAS do not receive food allowances. Instead, they receive food from the Gift of the Givers (GoG), an on-campus NGO, a process which denies them their dignity because they stand in long lines, basically begging for unhealthy food. This is often very inconvenient because students attend class during the times (morning and afternoon ONLY) that food is being dispensed at

Created: 2017-11-28 Statistics

Pesticides Are Killing Our Pets

POISONING has been around for years. I have lost my fur baby last week, due to poisoning..... Chemicals that are stocked in our supermarkets. Chemicals that are easily accessible to any individual. These products should be harmful to pests only!!!!!!  IF YOU CAN CREATE A PRODUCT TO KILL PESTS, CREATE A PRODUCT PEOPLE CANT USE TO HARM OUR CHILDREN AND PETS!!!!

Created: 2017-06-17 Statistics