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City of Tshwane to revert to Agricultural rates until dispute has been resolved.

We herewith request that the City of Tshwane revert to Agricultural rate charges for Agricultural properties until the matter has been resolved in court and at least current litigation surrounding the 2012/13 valuation roll has been finalised. All arrear charges as of 2012/13 to be reversed and all credit conrol measures in relaion to the change of rates from agricultural to residential to be lifted. Alternatively the immediate supply of ALL service that residential rate payers are entitled to i

Created: 2022-02-01 Statistics

Salary to be payed in full for statssa FWS and FW, as per contract signed

The late start of the project should not be blamed on fieldworkers, all fieldworkers trained in January and passed their assessments well in time and they were readily available to work from census night, and signed working contracts should all get paid from 2-28 Feb full payment on the 10/03/2022. As per the rates on contract signed. 

Created: 2022-03-09 Statistics

Rezoning of Property for Kempton Kali Amman Temple

In light of the growing popularity, faith and power in the Kempton Kali Amman Temple, we call upon our devotees to please sign and share our petition to support the re-zoning of our temple grounds to become officially recognised as a religious property, and to be recognised as such by the relevant authorities. Your support is graciously appreciated. 

Created: 2021-08-19 Statistics

Removal of the DA councillor for eThekwini Ward 34

We the residents of eThekwini Ward 34 have enough of the lack lustre performance of Ward Councillor Bobby Maharaj of the DA. We have endured water outages , electricity outages all due to poor maintenance, lack of maintenance and vandalism. When these issue are brought to the councillors attention he shows no empathy to residents and picks and chooses you he responds to with varying degrees of success. The councillor spends his days shifting messages between various social media platforms and av

Created: 2022-08-10 Statistics

Return Norman Middleton Road back to a residential road

Cleary Estate residents petition for the following: Closure of the two Cleary Park entrances in Norman Middleton. No public access to Cleary Park from Norman Middleton Road. Relocation of the cabs/jikizelas to the inside of Cleary Park. Discontinuing any public transport activity in Norman Middleton which includes all taxis, cabs/jikizelas and ITPS busses. Removal of illegally placed containers adjacent to the existing taxi rank. Traffic road markings and signage as well as regular monitoring to

Created: 2022-05-24 Statistics


The Water Infrastructure of Kempton Park is 60 Years Old. Since the Establishment of the Ekurhurleni Metro there were never a maintenance plan for the area. Residents of Kempton park is daily without water due to the lack of maintenance the infrastructure is busy collapsing (Burst Pipes). We the Residence of Kempton Park demand that the Water and Sanitation Department of City of Ekurhuleni do the following ·        Urgently Upgrade the Water Infrastructure in the Greater Kempton Park Area ·     

Created: 2022-05-13 Statistics

Natasha Booise Moordsaak- Petisie

Raak asseblief deel van die petisie! PETISIE TEEN BORGTOG VIR DIE VERDAGTE IN DIE MOORDSAAK VAN NATASHA BOOISE. Vrydag 07 Januarie 2022 te Piketberg.

Created: 2022-01-06 Statistics


We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens and church members who urge the Mount Ayliff Magistrate Court NOT to grant bail to Pastor Phakade for the following reasons: 1. This is a time when the whole world is on 16 Days of Activism which is against the violence against women and children. 2. The perpetrator is a senior Pastor and the victim is a 16 year old teenage girl. 3. These are serious allegations for a senior Pastor who was supposed to protect the children and not sexually assault them.

Created: 2021-12-08 Statistics

HRM306D/PRM310T Summative assessment rewrite

We were expected to study four chapters(9,10,11 and 12) only to find out that the paper consists of a few questions. There were questions that counted questionable  marks, for example, Question 1,2 counted 16 marks, question 3,1 counted 20 marks, question 4,1 counted 15 marks, making those particular questions a total of 51 marks (bearing in mind that the total of the paper is 75 marks). The examiner Dr MM MMAKO should have at least broken down the questions to accommodate more questions! Theref

Created: 2022-11-04 Statistics

PETITION requesting URGENT assistance with ELGIN BRIDGE

We, the undersigned residents of the greater Kempton Park and other affected suburbs in the City of Ekurhuleni, hereby petition the MMC for Infrastructure, the HOD for Roads and the City Manager, to urgently intervene in upgrading the signage on all incoming roads to the Elgin Bridge (Birchleigh / Glen Marais), to assist in preventing daily occurrences of trucks getting stuck, causing endless loss in EMPD resources, transport company damages, the structural integrity of the bridge and precious t

Created: 2022-10-03 Statistics