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Property Management to Tend to Non-Functioning Electrical Fencing at Silverstream Complex

"Landlord" in this case shall also refer to the Property Management Company of Silverstream Complex, Trafalgar. Background: Just as a landlord has certain expectations from their tenants – for example, paying rent on time and honouring the stipulations of the lease agreement – a tenant also has certain expectations from their landlord. Ultimately, renting should be a mutually beneficial agreement where all parties are respected and working towards a harmonious contract. The Rental Housing Act an

Created: 2022-08-11 Statistics

Free Economic Equity Scheme

  I agree for all my debts to be fully paid through a South African Reserve Bank  promissory note!

Created: 2022-08-10 Statistics


Time is running out. Ancient scripts reveal secrets of a family from the tip of Africa that migrate to Europe in the 21st century. Upon changing of their last name the earth's magnetic field is disrupted which causes a temporary failure in the Navigation system of ailens about to invade planet earth. They then go off track and the human race is saved. Julian Bell needs to change his Surname to O'Toole to save us all.

Created: 2022-06-12 Statistics

SAY NO to South Africa to spend R22 million on 100-metre tall flag

What a waste of money and resources   Citizens have no homes, no proper infrastructure, no electricity, no water, no proper roads , no food    When asked the government just says " NOT ENOUGH FUNDS" The KZN floods have caused too much damage all over . Tongaat still doesn't have water . All other areas affected are being water rationed yet we pay our bills on time .   We are loadshedding almost every month   It's no way to live in a Democracy. Feels like it's Apartheid 2.0. If you feel that the

Created: 2022-05-11 Statistics

NWU Business School to Motivate For Study Leave by Employers of Students in Absence of Exam Timetables

Greetings All   We have two requests: 1st: That the School issue a statement to our employers highlighting the fact that even though there is are no exams for the course, that the demands of the course are still as high and as such, the School recommends that employers provide study leave for their respective employees. 2nd: That the NWU Business School prescribe in the communication to our employers that they grant us, as a minimum: • Two (2) days of Study Leave for each module for various act

Created: 2022-03-31 Statistics


Its time we raise our voices and stand up to the Thohoyandou Bolt drivers. They have been exploiting us and taking advantage of us for far too long, and they have gone to far this time around. Using other people's profiles : with the rising cases of Gender Based Violence and Human Trafficking, our safety has been compromised , especially the safety of our women, it is very risky to get into a car that is totally different from the description on the bolt app, anything can happen and there won't

Created: 2022-03-24 Statistics

Prevent the City of Cape Town from shutting down the Rocklands and Eastridge Clinics, in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa

Less than two months after the Local Government Elections in Cape Town, services are removed from densely populated areas in Mitchell's Plain. Where next?! What next?! What is the value of your vote if those that you voted into Government are removing services in your areas with NO REGARD for babies, children, and mothers that have to access these services? It is a DISGRACE! GOOD does not support the closing (SHUTTING DOWN) of the Rocklands and Eastridge Clinics. We request that the City reviews

Created: 2022-01-12 Statistics

Petition to have Stephen Motau removed from the WPA Grandmaster category, We, the undersigned, are concerned athletes who urge the WPA to act now to prevent Stephen Motau from competing any further in the Grandmaster category. Allowing Mr Motau to compete in a different age category will set the precedent for other athletes to attempt the same. Up until 23 February 2020 he competed in the Master’s category, age 54, with many podium finishes. He resurfaced this year and had himself reclassified as a 62-year-o

Created: 2022-10-03 Statistics

Bekostigbare vervoer vir ons gemeenskap

Ons benodig bekostigbare vervoer vir ons gemeenskap om kinders by die skool te kry en mense sonder vervoer te help teen bekostigbare tariewe. Teken asb die petisie en ons kyk of ons dit moontlik kan maak

Created: 2022-07-12 Statistics


The NSFAS system failure resulted in a large number of students getting unfunded, I personally was applying for a friend and the system would keep on saying there's traffic till applications closed. This was unjust, as the fault wasn't in the students but the system so how is it that unfunded students are getting kicked out of school because of NSFAS' failure to fix their system on time. We would like to request a minimum of 3days for late applications to open, with a smoothly running system as

Created: 2022-03-17 Statistics

Bringing back supporters to stadium

I am calling for the governement and the disaster management to now allow supporters back to stadium. As they allow full capacity of student to back fully to schools. Even those venders need to atleast regain their business from stadium supporters so to manage supporting their families, because that R350 is not enough for them on a daily occurance. So please open stadium for us and we be proud to support our team as such please to those in charge do the right thing and open stadiums for supporte

Created: 2022-02-16 Statistics

Petition Against Mandatory Vaccinations At Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University Council, We stand against Stellenbosch University Council's decision to create new university regulations, to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory. Signing this petition does not mean that we are anti-vaccine, It means that we believe that people should make their own decisions regarding medical procedures. Hence follows reasons for and against taking the vaccine, as well as constitutional arguments against a mandate from a government institution. Whether people choose to

Created: 2021-10-02 Statistics


PETITION TO THE CITY OF JOHANNESBURG FROM: November 2020 We, the undersigned, being ratepayers of the City of Johannesburg, wish to draw the attention of the City of Johannesburg, to THE ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF MUNICIPAL-OWNED PROPERTY ADJACENT TO FOREST FARM CENTRE ON THE WESTERN BANK OF THE, BRAAMFONTIEN SPRUIT, OPPOSITE FIELD AND STUDY CENTRE, BRYANSTON   Owing to the lack of meaningful intervention and control by the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, the municipal-owned land adjacent to

Created: 2020-11-02 Statistics

Stop the emerging Wolwespruit informal settlement!

Please assist us by lending your voice, in bringing the emerging Wolwespruit informal settlement to the attention of the Administrator. This informal settlement is located on City of Tshwane property (Cnr Solomon Mahlangu Dr and Delmas Rd).  The area is actually an ecologically sensitive wetland, where the Wolwespruit originates.  The informal settelment is causing untold harm to what should be a protected area. We call on the Administrator to take action and relocate the informal settlement to

Created: 2020-07-16 Statistics

Save South Africa

The ruling party need to pass a law that anyone found damaging or stealing vital infrastructure will be charged with terrorism. This includes Illegal connections to power the damage or stealing in any form from any state-owned enterprise. Protect our infrastructure

Created: 2022-12-21 Statistics


Former MK members are not happy that an MK All Inclusive Conference in East London was used for factional purposes. Instead of unity it further created divisions. This conference was dominated by ANC NEC members and not by ex-MK delegates. We are calling on the ANC to convene a proper MK National Conference that is aimed at unifying all the ex-MK combatants without belittling them.  Let us sign this petition to make the whole country aware of how veterans are treated by their fellow comrades and

Created: 2022-06-12 Statistics

We want a ﷺ emoji on our phone.

Please support my request (to Android/Apple/HarmonyOS) for a  ﷺ emoji that says صلى الله عليه وسلم (Peace be upon him) that we can use to (respectfully) say the name of our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Created: 2022-05-02 Statistics

Keep Uni-Faith Ministries on Erf no 1003 & 7752

Saldanha bay Municipality intends to demolish the building used by the Church for the past 16 years with no accommodation offered, due to moratorium on church grounds. We urge the municipality to keep the Church as is, or offer an alternative building to worship.

Created: 2022-03-16 Statistics

Extention of the Educational Assistant contract!!

We urge the South African Government to renew the Contract of the EA's / GA's because  Source of income for many Households in South Africa ' With this Contract coming to an end in March ' the Youth of South Africa back to poverty and lack... The department said that Approximately  300 000 youth were participating in this program  ' This program was able to bring bread to 300 000 Households' but  now many will be unemployed and  the economy of South Africa will be Affected!!! We therefore urge a

Created: 2022-02-22 Statistics

City Power - Johannesburg Municipality to address frequent, prolonged power failures in Block’s amongst others

Dear Mayor Mpho Phalatse We would like to invite you to a meeting with concerned residents from the Weltevreden and Randpark Ridge community. We have a number of pressing unresolved urgent issues.  City Power Issues  1.  The frequent, prolonged power failures experienced.  These outages are very frequent and can go on for 48 to 72 hours at times.  This situation is totally unacceptable.  It would seem that a temporary fix in 2021 changed them from Block 16 to Block 8.  This may be causing an ove

Created: 2022-02-06 Statistics