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Keep Uni-Faith Ministries on Erf no 1003 & 7752

Saldanha bay Municipality intends to demolish the building used by the Church for the past 16 years with no accommodation offered, due to moratorium on church grounds. We urge the municipality to keep the Church as is, or offer an alternative building to worship.

Created: 2022-03-16 Statistics

Extention of the Educational Assistant contract!!

We urge the South African Government to renew the Contract of the EA's / GA's because  Source of income for many Households in South Africa ' With this Contract coming to an end in March ' the Youth of South Africa back to poverty and lack... The department said that Approximately  300 000 youth were participating in this program  ' This program was able to bring bread to 300 000 Households' but  now many will be unemployed and  the economy of South Africa will be Affected!!! We therefore urge a

Created: 2022-02-22 Statistics

City Power - Johannesburg Municipality to address frequent, prolonged power failures in Block’s amongst others

Dear Mayor Mpho Phalatse We would like to invite you to a meeting with concerned residents from the Weltevreden and Randpark Ridge community. We have a number of pressing unresolved urgent issues.  City Power Issues  1.  The frequent, prolonged power failures experienced.  These outages are very frequent and can go on for 48 to 72 hours at times.  This situation is totally unacceptable.  It would seem that a temporary fix in 2021 changed them from Block 16 to Block 8.  This may be causing an ove

Created: 2022-02-06 Statistics

Our 2021 matric results to be sent on SMS through our phones

We want to know our status before fetching statements to avoid many problems.There's Alot of stress occuring amongst us so the SMS's that we are not receiving has put lot of us in too much stress.We spent airtimes approximately to R3 and now they're cancelled but no refunds.Imagine having fellow candidates fainting and some having attacks at school so it won't be a happy day for those who passed as they will be having trauma.We need the SMS's to avoid more humiliation which can end up in suicide

Created: 2022-01-14 Statistics


  The current horrific story and MANY others of the 8month old baby being raped and killed and buried in a shallow grave inside a shack has lead  me to anitiate this petition.    A Steadville / Tsakane man has been arrested by Ladysmith Police, after he allegedly raped and killed an eight month old baby. The suspect buried the body of the baby in a shallow grave, inside his shack. uThukela District Civil Society Forum, Sakhile Xaba said that nothing could have prepared him and his fellow workers

Created: 2021-12-21 Statistics

Plead for speed humps in Eeuwfees street South Crest

I am staying in Eeuwfees Street South Crest for 5 years, I was almost hit by a truck while I was jogging just outside my yard 4 years ago. Cars speed up my road due to the uphill incline . Residents in our street have the same concern expecially at Labora village complex. Joggers are not safe on this road or our pets. Please help me to get speed humps outside my house, the council can investigate the area to place the humps but something must be done since this matter is ongoing for more than 20

Created: 2022-11-29 Statistics

Brother Aidan Clohessy did not Abuse Us! He Helped Us Get a Life.

Brother Aidan Clohessy of St John Of God Hospitaller took us from the streets he helped us in various ways; He paid our school fees, gave house allowance for those of us from far areas, Food and Shelter, and a place to stay for those with no parents who used to sleep under the bridge and Mzuzu bus deport he gave hope. He also taught us how to watch and pray to God. Brother Aidan Saved my life. Fill out this petition if you have ever been supported by Aidan to clear false allegations to the world

Created: 2022-11-17 Statistics

Bring back Bokomo Otees - Mixed Berry Flavoured Multigrain Toasted Cereal

In case you hadn't noticed, there are no more Mixed Berry Otees on the shelf. I contacted Customer Care at Pioneer Foods and was informed that this flavour has been discontinued as they were not popular. This cannot be true! I am sure there are many little girls and boys out there missing their Berry Otees. We bought up all the stock we could find but we are now on our last box. My daughter is heartbroken. If you or your kiddos are missing Berry Otees, please let us know by signing this petition

Created: 2022-10-14 Statistics

Golden Arrow Bus from Cape Town City to Chartsworth via Goodwood

Sign this petition for Golden Arrow to provide a bus for commuters to travel to and from they're desired destination. This bus route will  go via Koeberg  Road and then via Goodwood. This bus will ensure that school kids and workers will get home in time after a long tiring day at work/school. Help me create a bus service that will depart between the 14:00 -15:00 .

Created: 2022-09-28 Statistics

SAPS must take control of the increasing drug use in Kwa-Thema.

SAPS must take control of the increasing drug use in Kwa-Thema.   The use of illicit drugs impact negatively on the users, their families and communities.   Users are also exposed to violent crimes, either as perpetrators or victims and are also at risk of long-term unemployment due to school dropout and being in conflict with law and loss of employment.   The social costs for users are exacerbated due to being ostracised from families and their communities.   School children and young adults in

Created: 2022-09-15 Statistics


We are looking to collect signatures from every AZANLA excombatant in favour of the motion to elect New National and Provincial leadership in a democratic and an inclusive process.  

Created: 2022-08-19 Statistics


Durban Gen shouldn’t be cancelled by etv. Durban Gen opened as many opportunities for people & still would.  Durban Gen taught us the importance of our dreams in the near future if we want to work in the medical industry - doctors, nurses.  Durban Gen engaged with true stories.  We laughed, enjoyed the story and we still expecting more.  Durban Gen we want to see the Nurses enrolling into Interns as Doctors & we want to see Interns enrolling to Doctors.  Durban Gen we want to learn more

Created: 2022-08-14 Statistics

Boody pics

Support and be positive about booty pics petition

Created: 2022-06-03 Statistics

Teaching assistant post,age restriction,Nsfas beneficiaries

Teaching assistant post must not consider age limit, because we all have qualifications and we are all equall,  Including Nsfas beneficiaries because some are unemployed ,some earn less than R350.000 Let the Gorverment treat us equal.we all need employment not only 18 to 35 must be employed!  

Created: 2022-02-20 Statistics

A new stop sign for Nieu Bethesda

To whom it may concernI would like to put in a request for a new stop street / yield sign in Nieu Bethesda on the corners of Hudson / Hill and New Streets. As new homes are being built and traffic from Hill Street increases, this crossing has become extremely dangerous. The corner of Hill and New Street has seen much more traffic than in the past. Although it doesn’t show on the map, Hill Street runs directly into Hudson Street. The problem is that the buildings on both sides of Hill Street – Th

Created: 2021-12-14 Statistics

Stop The Vaccine Passport

STOP THE VACCINE PASSPORT IN CANADACanadian Chamber of Commerce says governments must get ahead of fourth wave right now, must use vaccine certification and rapid testing Let them know how you The city of Surrey Board of Trade has put forth a request to the federal, provincial and municipal governments in regards to implementatio

Created: 2021-07-30 Statistics


We the residents of Kempton Park have had to endure numerous power outages on a regular basis . The Metro does not seem to be able to handle the situation and plan accordingly. We cannot accept the excuses that the Metro keeps on providing for these outages. We call upon the Portfolio Committee of COGTA to investigate the high number of outages and to instruct the Metro to appoint external engineers to do a thorough assessment on the cause of these outages and for the Metro to report back to the

Created: 2019-06-10 Statistics


SOCIAL RELIEF OF DISTRESS GRANT RESULTED IN STRESS ( President together with social  development minister promised people to receive unemployment grant due to lockdown because of the COVID 19 Pandemic. People were promised to get R350 per month for six months starting from May 2020) MAY JUNE AND JULY APPLICATIONS: Applications for Social Relief of Distress Grants (SRD) in May the outcome resulted in two groups, there was the one that was declined for unreasonable reasons ( UIF REGISTERED,  IRP5

Created: 2020-09-25 Statistics


Daniel Friedman posted an extremely offensive video promoting the murder of white people, in particular the Afrikaners, of which I am one. The blatant expose of his video content on Facebook celebrating the murder of white people and denigrating this atrocity down to the level of a common comedy indicates he has sick delusions of becoming one. He is of Jewish origin and refers to himself as "Deep Fried Man" which strangely, is supposed to be hilarious. He also claims to be a "digital news editor

Created: 2020-07-02 Statistics

Govt cars must be serviced in the townships/rural towns (RT57/RT46).

Our S.A.government buys cars from the vehicle manufacturers under the contract called RT57 from National Treasury. Cars come with lengthy warranty and maintenance plans that deprives independent workshops to service those vehicles . Those plans are expensive and dig deep into S.A.Tax payers. RT46 contract is a  vehicle service and maintenance contract from National Treasury as well.  So cars acquired through RT57 are sent to be serviced and repaired by dealerships only by a heavy cost to

Created: 2018-04-23 Statistics