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We would like to have this petition signed to host a march for #JusticeforChrystalene for her murderers to be arrested and charged. To date SAPS have not given us any feedback and it is already over a month....We would like to request the assistance and the support of the Ennerdale and surrounding communities to bring media attention to the matter not being dealt with efficiently. And we would hereby like to lay a formal complaint against SAPS Ennerdale

Created: 2022-06-28 Statistics

Set Raaths FREE

FATHER, DAUGHTER TO CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OVER RAPEMegan Raaths (21), who has maintained that her father, Abrie (Raaths), who is in prison since 2012 because of her rape, is innocent and now is supporting him in a last, desperate attempt to prove his innocence. Together, they are approaching the Constitutional Court (Case # CCT-110/2022) to set aside his conviction and also request that the Children's Act be amended to prevent similar incidents.Abrie, a father and husband from Pretoria, is servi

Created: 2022-05-05 Statistics

Save the Kempton Kali Amman Temple

We the undersigned, as devotees of the KEMPTON KALI AMMAN TEMPLE, situated at: ERF 1148, NORKEM PARK EXT 2 TOWNSHIP, 2 BLYDERIVIER STREET, NORKEM PARK, KEMPTON PARK, object to the temple described as hereinabove to be sold/demolished; as this will greatly hinder our Constitutional Right to practice our religion.

Created: 2022-05-05 Statistics

Repair Dangerous R31!!

 The current state of the R385, merging with the R31, between Postmasburg and Koopmansfontein is life threatening. There are many accidents, people are loosing their lifes, not talking about damage to cars and tyres! This is the only tar road to Kimberley and Bloemfontein and other areas from Postmasburg and surrounding areas. It is a life line main road for deliveries, visits to doctors and hospitals and carry a lot of lorries with iron ore. PLEASE MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO REPAIR THE ROAD!!

Created: 2022-03-28 Statistics

MyTravelution, VHI, Nexus Group or Gecko

Do you feel you have been scammed by MyTravelution, VHI, Nexus Group or Gecko? Thilo Lippert and Craig Browne the Directors of these companies must be taken to book for their unscrupulous business practices. They have been running these travel companies making false promises to people and taking their hard earned money. Please take a moment and add your name and experience to this petition to have their businesses investigated and/or closed. 

Created: 2022-01-04 Statistics

Employ post community service professional nurses in kzn

Petition Employ post-community service Professional nurses who were exorcized after their hard work in Healthcare facilities We plead with the department of health to employ or absorb professional nurses who rendered their community service in different facilities in KZN. These professionals served the department during hard times of a pandemic during their contract, at the end of the contract period they were dumped to the streets to look for jobs more especially those who are from Private ins

Created: 2021-02-06 Statistics

Att Bitou Municipality: Change is needed at The Plett Community Sports Fields

We, the undersigned, would like to keep Plett Community Sport Field, also known as “The Rugby Field” open to public sport playing leagues, such as the Sticks & Balls Sports Academy.   We do not accept the Plett Community Sport Field should be beholden to, controlled by, or solely managed, by one sport playing league.  This is a public facility. It should be fairly used, in an equitable and transparent manner.  We call for an open, honest, fair election of an independent board or committee to

Created: 2020-10-19 Statistics


After numerous attempts, trying to obtain an opportunity to train football/soccer long term at Jan van Riebeeck Stadium Mossel bay, without success, we are asking parents, Mossel bay residents and anyone who agrees, to sign this petition to prove the unfairness of allowing certain sports on certain fields and others not. The Jan Van Riebeeck stadium's 8 fields, situated in the upper central part of town, is a therapeutic space to be allocated to all different sport types without prejudice. They

Created: 2020-09-29 Statistics


SOCIAL RELIEF OF DISTRESS GRANT RESULTED IN STRESS ( President together with social  development minister promised people to receive unemployment grant due to lockdown because of the COVID 19 Pandemic. People were promised to get R350 per month for six months starting from May 2020) MAY JUNE AND JULY APPLICATIONS: Applications for Social Relief of Distress Grants (SRD) in May the outcome resulted in two groups, there was the one that was declined for unreasonable reasons ( UIF REGISTERED,  IRP5

Created: 2020-09-25 Statistics

Shut down Mclaren Circus, South Africa

Mclaren circus uses animals such as lions, snakes, tigers, camels and many more. These animals should not be used as entertainment and these animals deserve to have a better life and be free from that horrible business. The animals deserve to be respected and to be free to live in the wild instead of cages for peoples entertainment.  THIS NEEDS TO STOP. 

Created: 2019-11-16 Statistics