Europe: a Patient. Economic solutions to help tackle the humanitarian crisis caused by COVID-19

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"Europe, a patient" - the letter moved to a wider platform, please re-sign!

2020-04-11 10:06:43

Dear Signatories of the letter “Europe, a Patient”,


we are most grateful for your support of our initiative! Solidarity in this time of crisis is something we need more than ever. Thanks to the fantastic support we had, we are now able to move the petition to a more visible platform – - which will help us with its wide distribution and thus with achieving our common goals. Unfortunately, your signatures cannot be automatically transferred there. Therefore, we kindly ask you to re-sign the petition here: We are sorry for this inconvenience! We believe that with your help we have a real chance of success!


Kind Regards,

Marta Olesik, co-initiator of the letter “Europe, a patient”


Marta Olesik

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