A request for the change of language politics in aviation

English was imposed in aviation in 1951. It is one of the main reasons for accidents, due to confusion and misunderstanding between pilots and control towers. In 2000, 11 % of accidents and incidents were caused because of English. In 1977, an accident, which occured due to poor mutual understanding, caused 583 deaths in Tenerife.

The American TV station NBC reported 345 misunderstandings, accidents and near accidents since 1988 due to language problems for US pilots alone. Amongst those accidents, 95 occured in the US and 250 elsewhere. Another catastrophe due tothe use of English happened in 1972.

The Civil Aviation Administration of Britain reported in 2017 that in 18 months the use of English led to 267 near accidents in Britain.

The English language is not appropriate as an international aviation language because it is too difficult and insufficiently precise.

We request the adoption of the international language Esperanto, which is sufficiently simple to be appropriate as an international aviation language.xxxxxxxxxx

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