Access to land held by JD Irving

petition_25.jpg Through this petition, we ask the Government of New Brunswick, Prime Minister Brian Gallant and the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Justice and the Department of Public Safety to intervene to force the New Brunswick Railway Company management to give access to the land held by JD Irving.

These lands were first given for the public interest as a condition of the Canadian constitution for the construction of the Canadian railway ... so that the people of NB can restore their right to hunt and fish on these lands.

JD Irving currently only provides access to people who want and belong to certain hunting and fishing clubs and even draws lots to allow access to these land to go hunting or fishing, and of course that the law does not allow and even gives the right to close hunting areas contrary to regulations already in place and as a result there is a violation of the NB Fish and Wildlife Act.

We are asking the government to act in the public interest in the first place because all wildlife are owned by its majesty.


This petition is also available in French.