Allow bitless in national dressage!

I'm against all the people that are against bitless, it's obvious it's better for the horse. The problem is that the federation is very old fashioned , they don't see how great bitless can be!

I've created this petition so we can all make a difference and change the minds of the federation. By signing the petition and sharing your story with me,  it gives me more support and therefore I have more chance of changing the rules! 

My goal is to be able to get them to create a class for those of us that ride bitless. That way we aren't bothering the people that ride with bits. We have our way and they have theirs. But why should we be criticised and punished for not wanting to use a bit?. It's not right!. 

Thankyou for all of you that are supporting me. Without you this won't be possible!