Opposing the implementation of 5G in South Africa

f21e0c15822afae18931511e564deb76.jpgNumerous companies are pushing for the implementation of 5G technology in South Africa. RAIN has already got towers and devices in parts of Johannesburg. 5G offers fast download speeds and intelligent technologies at the cost of human health implications. Numerous studies have shown the threats of Electromagnetic frequencies EMF on the human population. 5G uses much larger EMF than the traditional wireless that we are use to posing a threat to human health as well as privacy.


Section 24 of our South African constitution states, that we have the right to an environment that is not harmful to our well being and thus our health. 5G will have far reaching affects on those that come into contact with the EMF as well as on children and future generations. We as a country need to stand together and appose 5G technology in our country, our cities and our homes to protect ourselves and future generations. 

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