Benoni Pothole Crisis


“We, the undersigned residents of Benoni, hereby petition the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality to take the POTHOLE CRISIS as serious as we do.  

Benoni residents want the following to be addressed as a matter of urgency

1.Benoni Residents have to deal with potholes no matter which road or suburb they drive through

2.Many roads are covered in potholes and should rather be resurfaced completely but there is never budget allocated to do this so “patchwork” is a regular occurrence

3.Several roads in Benoni are no longer “tarred” roads but have in fact become “gravel” roads

4.The roads infrastructure is aging and poorly maintained

5.Sufficient budget is not made available in the capital expenditure for renewing the roads system and the maintenance budget is used to do partial repairs

6.Road repairs done by contractors are done according to specifications. Roads repairs done by Ekurhuleni employees are poorly done and are often visible again within 2-3 weeks, after a light rain or some traffic

7.Call Centre is not always functional to issue reference numbers to people who report the potholes

8.Car are damaged on a daily basis driving through potholes. The cost of these claims outweigh the cost of effective and efficient repairs and maintenance


*As this is a legally binding petition, your ID or date of birth & Cell number is required.

**The information can only be seen by the author.

Cllr Jacques Meiring    Contact the author of the petition