Calling Cork County Council to keep Rathcormac tidy and clean

The littering problem in Rathcormac has reached an all time high level during the last few months. Everywhere you go in town you see dog poo, paper and plastic boxes, broken glass and empty cans. The only thing you don't see is the Council doing anything about it.

The town is growing, the traffic is heavier every day and with the two new estates being built the number of locals will be doubled soon. The infrastructure was not amended to match the growth and now the state of our town is only comparable to places in third World countries.

They come and mow the lawn a few times a year, but that job only results in more mess, minced plastic and paper everyhere, awful smell wherever the hidden dog feces are spread by the lawnmowers. They never wash the pavement or tidy the edges of the lawn and flower beds.

You don't have to go far to see what difference a few Council employees with litter pickers in their hands can do. Fermoy is much cleaner, but you see the constant presence of wardens in high vis vests picking up the rubbish from the streets.

I see volunteers doing cleaning and tidying around the town, I do my part collecting the litter around the block where my house is, but it is clearly the responsibility and the duty of the Council to send their employees here to do clean up regularly. 

If you agree with the above and see the same issue in town, please sign this petition to get the Council to do something about our environment.


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