Calling for resignation of Angie Arnaud DCP&P (child protective services) effective immediately.

I am calling for the resignation of the case manager from the division of children protection and permenancy Angie Arnaud and her supervisor Patricia Rodriguez Lopez from the middlesex county New Jersey office. 

The reason for the demand of their resignation and or their termination is on the basis of the following :

They have had my children's mother in an active open case since 2017 with repeated acts of extremely violent physical abuse and neglect of my 3 daughters. 

They continue to assert they are trying to "stabilize " my ex and her home.

more currently speaking, during my order to show cause emergent hearing on 4/17/2023 that was filed due to several new reports of violent physical abuse to my youngest daughter who is just 6 years old. My ex was caught in camera at a quick check, "punching in the head, choking, and punching my daughter in the back. It was also revealed that days earlier my exes own sister reported her for other acts of abuse, that was reported my ex bound my daughters wrists together and her ankles together with packing tape and taped her mouth shut. 

during my emergent hearing, the judge took Angie Arnaud's testimony asking for her recommendations of my 3 daughters should be returned to the defendant (my ex wife) and after all these reports were unsealed by the middlesex county superior courts fsmily division judge.

    Based on her recommendation she testified it was in the best interests of my children to return to the abuser, and the judge ordered me to return. But now yesterday, less than 24 hours later, my middle child's school contacted me to advise they had to report further abuse to cps at the hands of my ex , and it was my daughters 9th birthday yesterday, stating the school nurse observed large bruise on her back tender to touch, bruise on leg and knee and with a scratch. 

it is absolutely deplorable that a judge after reading the findings and details of the abuse would rule on the recommendation of this case manager where abuse continued again less than 24 hours back in the mothers care.


I have been fighting for my kids since divorce because of the abusive behaviors of my ex wife. I try to pick them up every single Friday pursuant to court orders and have police reports documenting my exes refusal to comply with custody orders and she continues custodial interference as well.  

please sign this petition to help save my daughters. 

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