I have set up this petition because my cat, Solo, was tragically taken from me by a person, or persons, using an airgun.

Animals suffer abuse and torture every day at the hands of thugs wielding these dangerous guns and the RSPCA is stretched to the limit with these cases so this petition is not just in memory of my cat but to help everyone who has lost a pet to this disgusting act of animal cruelty.

I am calling for a ban on airguns - or at least tougher rules so that they're licensed in the same way as shotguns. People should not be able to buy an airgun without first having a proper background check and home visit to ensure as much as possible that they are responsible and genuine, and not some thug who simply wants an airgun for his sick enjoyment.

Some people believe that regulating airguns is a waste of time because they'd still be available on the black market - however, that's not a good enough reason to take no action whilst these horrific attacks carry on.  All I'm trying to do is make the government change the laws around owning and using these weapons.

Please sign the petition to get airguns banned or at least regulated so that they're only used on official firing ranges, and licensed so that in the event of an airgun being used against animals or people, the owner would be traceable and liable to prosecution.

Thank you.

Paul Hughan