Clarification Document [Valid]

Dear: Deanery and the respected doctors.

Subject: Faking signatures and using them in petition that damage the repetition of our university’s staff    


This document was not presented by the class representative. Rather it was presented by a group of students presenting the whole class (by getting signatures)

We are writing this to bring to your attention about an issue that has recently arisen within our stage, which has risen irreparable damage.

It has been brought to our attention that a small unknown group of students within our stage have written a petition attacking the doctors of the faculty using fake signatures of students in order for petition to look like it was supported by the majority. But the majority had no idea that there was a petition in the first place and what the contents of the petition were.

By this process not only our reputation as students gets damaged but also the reputation of the university as a whole. Such behavior is not accepted and we wish to not take any part in whatever was presented in the document. We suggest that you open an immediate investigation so that you understand that only a minority of our class share this behavior and that we, the majority, have no intention of attacking the doctors and the staff of the faculty.  

 Therefore we have made an agreement with the students where whoever had not signed for themselves or were only shown a portion of the petition would write their name in this document and do a signature on a piece of paper that we are gonna present to you along with this document  



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