# Close Down Jays

TO: Councillor - Ward 56

We R.O.T.H (Residence Of The Hill - NPC - Est 2014) Hereby request that the authorities assist the community in putting an end the operation of Jays Night Club, 3rd Avenue, The Hill. As it is several By-laws are broken each and every day from morning to late at night

  • 1: Drinking In Public
  • 2: Noise Pollution
  • 3: Urinating In Public
  • 4: Fighting In the Street

Other concerns we have regarding the above are,

  • 1: We have school children who needs quiet time to rest and do study work, and cannot do that in that surrounding
  • 2: Property value around Jays Night will deteriorate in the future
  • 3: Our streets are littered with glass bottles every morning and the venue is left in an untidy state, which will also lead to health issue

We urge you to please assist our community and put an end to the above  

Regards R.O.T.H 


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