Crime in SA out of control !!!

Here’s the TRUTH - This is our REALITY

Criminals rely on the fact that the public in general won’t interfere during an attack.
The more violent the attack, the less chance of any resistance from their victims.
During the attack, there is no empathy or morality.

For the criminal it’s easy to end a human life – it really doesn’t matter to the him.
The criminal has no remorse after the fact – just bragging rights on the success of the attack.

Criminals have more rights than victims!
The source of criminality is not poverty. It is not gender. It is not race. It is not lack of education. It is not society. It is self-interest.

How a criminal sees you as the victim; 
You have the right…

  • Not to be treated humanely
  • To be hurt, abused and attacked
  • To suffer mental anguish and trauma
  • To feel powerless and humiliated
  • To experience denial, disbelief, and anger

The criminal believes HE HAS THE RIGHT;

  • To show no mercy
  • To do what he wants
  • Take whatever he wants
  • Use and abuse however he sees fit

And then IF he ever gets caught… he knows that under the Bill of Rights, HE HAS THE RIGHT;

  • To equality
  • Not to be tortured
  • Not to be punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading (insulting) way
  • To dignity
  • To exercise
  • To adequate (satisfactory) accommodation
  • To adequate nutrition
  • To adequate medical treatment

And the Bill also states that a criminal awaiting trial has the right to be presumed innocent;

  • EVEN IF – He is accused of a very serious crime (e.g. rape or murder)
  • EVEN IF – Has been refused bail
  • EVEN IF – There is strong evidence to show that he IS GUILTY


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