Do not build Ounasvaara!

The City of Rovaniemi is in the process of making the town plan, which will again allow the construction of new rental cottages in Ounasvaara. This is not a small change, but 60 semi-detached houses are planned to be built in the area. The plan concerns the legal area of Ounasvaara, which is currently home to ski trails, a winter walking trail and a nature trail. The change will destroy Ounasvaara.

We oppose the destruction of the precious nature of Ounasvaara.

Ounasvaara is a piece of distinctive Lappish nature and an important part of Rovaniemi's urban image. Ounasvaara is of enormous importance for the well-being of the city's residents and for Rovaniemi's tourism value.

The proposed town plan change will destroy the area. It will not benefit the citizens of Rovaniemi, and will not increase the value of holidaying in Rovaniemi, but will reduce it.

We call for Ounasvaara to be protected as a local nature area where you can ski, hike, hike, exercise, pick berries and mushrooms, and enjoy the clean air and nature. It is important for us, locals and tourists alike, to have an easily accessible nature destination in the immediate vicinity of Rovaniemi city centre.

Further construction will destroy Ounasvaara as a nearby nature area for all of us.

Mira Metsälehto, Kaadetaan kaava, ei metsää-kansanliike (Rovaniemi)    Contact the author of the petition

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