Objection & Petition: Development of Erf225 Dalpark Proper

Erf 225 Dalpark, Currently has a few shops with a small Parking Area. The owner of this Building Complex wishes to Develop this Area adjacent to these shops to increase her Revenue. 

We, the residents of Dalpark Proper, would hereby like to lodge an objection against the application submitted 13 March 2017from Metro Concepts (PTY) Ltd proposing the commercial development of Erf 225 in Dalpark Proper area.


Our Main Objections are as follows:  

1.      The Erf is zoned for parking and the proposed change to the zoning, to that of Shops, Offices & a Car Wash, will have impact on the values of the properties in the area.  This is compounded by the fact that the existing buildings adjacent to the Erf, also owned by the developer are in a state of disrepair. Therefore it would be prudent to conclude that the proposed development would also fall into a state of disrepair in the future.   Even the parking area has not been maintained and is an eyesore to the community and currently the “park” portion of the erf is also not maintained by the owner.  The expectation is placed on the council to maintain it as a park due to the complaints raised by the residents.

2.      The quality of tenants that the developer has allowed to occupy the adjacent building to the Erf has not been of high standard.  These tenants have a history of non-compliance with license requirements which leaves doubt as to the tenants that will occupy the new development should it be allowed to go forward.

3.      Previously the developer has not met the timelines set for development.

4.      Dalpark Proper Enclosed Area has  475 stands, and is enclosed as approved by Ekurhuleni Municipality.  This means that the Dalpark Homeowners Association have worked hard together with the Community Police Forum to improve safety in the area.  The proposed development will bring increased traffic into our areaand it strongly believed that thiswould result in an increase of crime in the area.

5.      The community is built with strong beliefs and across the street from Erf 225 in Dalpark there are 2 churches.  The additional noise which will be generated by the proposed business activities on Sundays will not be complimentary to the existing activities of the area.

6.      Erf 225 has always been viewed asa park which serves as a buffer between the existing shops and the adjacent houses.  Residents have bought these houses with the understanding that it would stay the same as it has not been developed in over 30 years and that there is no apparent value or need to develop more commercial property in the area.  In the light that the area is boomed off it would be a negative factor for developing a commercial venture.   In closing, Dalpark is currently a quiet and peaceful area where the residents have put in long, hard hours to create the environment.  Further commercial development will disrupt this progress and will certainly have a negative impact on property values. We ask as a community that you accept our petition and objection.    

7.    There are already shops and other similar commercial buildings within a 1km radius.  These existing premises are not always successfully occupied and there remains a high turnover of tenants which speaks to the viability of the proposed development.  If the existing premises and those surrounding cannot be successfully occupied by tenants then how does the owner of Erf 225 intend filling the proposed new buildings? 


Dalpark Residents



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