Stop reproducing racist stereotypes!

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2015-07-07 17:41

As an Afrocentric scholar and educator I find these inaccurate and ignorant depictions as racist and supporting the ideology of white supremacy, the demoralizing, the dehumanization and demonization of Africans.



2015-07-07 18:23

To address racism in all countries.



2015-07-08 00:43

because the disrespect to the african people must stop



2015-07-08 02:41

Don't like what is going on left a bad taste in my mouth.



2015-07-08 06:04

The park is degrading my people.



2015-07-08 08:07

I'm sick of the BS



2015-07-08 08:56

I am an African in America and have to deal with racism bigotry, and stereotypical misrepresentation every day of my life. It is my responsibility to stand up for my people. Dorothy J Farmer



2015-07-08 11:10

Because it is not an image our youth should look upon., that truly shows us in our true light.



2015-07-08 11:25

We allow Ignorance to grow far to long.



2015-07-08 20:51

This is how it begins. First, indoctrinate the children.



2015-07-08 20:58

Unbelieveable ! ...that people STILL have no problem with infecting their own children, diseasing their own progeny. No other creature behaves this way, so I won't call it animal-like. It's self-hatred at it's worse. They hate that they lack that which is good and wholesome in >US< ! We are The Torchbearers !



2015-07-08 21:02

They are also scathingly mad at the fact that:
God Is In Charge ! By nature, evil must die in the face of Good. They KNOW that their time is limited. Darkness just goes away when light asserts itself.



2015-07-08 22:15

We have to start standing up and taking action against racist crap like this...United, we are hard to defeat!


2015-07-08 23:38

it is offensive  to me  racism in disguise



2015-07-12 05:38

To stop this company from supporting Racist images around the world. We should organize and call for a boycott of the business around the world. That will get there attention.


2015-07-17 13:51

you are all IDIOTS, anakist and complete IDIOTS !!!!!



2015-07-28 19:01

I f****** hate racists!



2015-07-28 19:48

As a mother to a partial Black and entirely beautiful son, as an eduacated woman and as a human being believing that humanism should be the pillar to Danish and world society, I feel that it is my obligation to do my part in making sure that racism in all forms is undermined and abolished.



2015-07-29 16:22

Its heart breaking to see things of this nature still being active...we all have the same blood why make fun of this?



2015-08-02 02:29

A people without knowledge of its history is loke a tree without roots.  Marcus J. Gsrvey

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan on Gil Noble


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2015-08-11 23:47

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 Yes it has to stop yesterday, young peoples are confused and dont see their Africans freind the right way thanks to these Dis-information, how about childrens been attack without thier knowledge, shame of the silent white agenda.