Germiston Constant Power Outages

We the residents of Germiston, City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, have had to endure numerous power outages on a regular basis. 

The Metro does not seem to be able to handle the situation and plan accordingly. We cannot accept the excuses that the Metro keeps on providing for these outages. 

We call upon the Portfolio Committee of COGTA to investigate the high number of outages and to instruct the Metro to appoint external engineers to do a thorough assessment on the cause of these outages and for the Metro to report back to the portfolio committee with the findings and make these findings public. 

We furthermore call on the Minister of COGTA to instruct the Metro to undertake to upgrade the electricity supply and to fill the funded vacant positions as a matter of urgency.  Recommendations from the external engineers should be complied with within 60 days of the release of the final report.

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Cllrs Tiaan Kotzé, Wendy Morgan, Alta De Beer    Contact the author of the petition