Google Stop Rewarding The Creation Of Spam

As a web-master controlling 9 sites in various markets, I've seen a huge increase in the amount of spam that has been getting through my filters since early October 2013.

A 10 fold increase in the amount of link spam and poor quality content, matched with an even greater increase in the amount that the filters actually stop. Checking, this is in the region of 14x the previous 2 years average on a day to day basis.

It is now taking considerable time and resources out of my day to clear the mess up to keep my servers running smoothly and prevent my site's speed being adversely affected by the constant submissions.

Research shows that this is caused by either one of two factors, both of which are in Google's gift to rectify.

Firstly, that Google's reaction to poor quality links, and the demotion of sites with these inbound links pointing to their URL's, has lead to the idea that web-masters with competing sites actually create many of these poor quality links and point the anchor text at their competitors in the hope of getting them penalized in this way. This has been named "negative SEO"

The second reason is that web-masters just believe this to be the case due to the high fluctuation levels in the search engine rankings at the moment and, as a result, act as if the premise was true.

In the first case I would appreciate Google developing a system whereby spam was not rewarded financially by sites employing "negative SEO"

If the second is true, Google to issue a statement clarifying their position regarding negative SEO to prevent web-masters from continuing this practice.

I do not think it is unreasonable, should Google fail to act, to consider a legal process whereby Google are challenged for creating an environment which actively encourages the production of "spam for cash" for at least the cost of web-masters cleaning it up for them plus the legal challenge fees.