Hey Old McConnell Stop Fussing and Come Back to the Farm

Old McConnell is a busy, busy critic of Grove City College on Twitter. He and his legion of anonymous Twitter followers have stirred up a hornets nest of half-truths and exaggerations about Grove City College going liberal. Pshaw!

Grove City College is a really nice place in Western PA where there are lots of my friends and acquaintances. We all love the place! Old McConnell is a real good farmer but when he gets to talking about Grove City and President Paul McNulty, he goes all haywire!

All the students who visit me on the farm tell me that the College was a nice place until Old McConnell started rousing the rabble. We need him back on the farm. Believe me, as Old McConnell's #1 cow, I know about the farm and we need him back to farming and not fussing. 

So can we get a bunch of you humans to sign this here petition to convince Old McConnell to quit fighting with Grove City and come back to the farm where he belongs?

Just sign up and send my owner a message. It is okay you sign it anonymously because Old McConnell loves anonymous! I hope he doesn't turn me to hamburger!

Old McConnell's #1 Cow


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