For non-discrimination in the name of National History in the Republic of Moldova



We, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova,

  • recognizing the equality of all ethnic groups in our country, the right to an objective, equal and impartial education, without the imposition of stereotypes but, in the same time,
  • noting the existence of a single ethnonym in the name of the school subject of national history - "romanians";


  • Every ethnic group of the Moldovan people has made an integral contribution to the creation of our common state - the Republic of Moldova,
  • The concept that certain groups of citizens are publicly singled out on the basis of their ethnic origin is outdated,
  • Moldovan schoolchildren belonging to ethnic groups other than Romanian (e.g. Bulgarians, Jews, Gagauz, Germans, Moldovans who do not consider themselves Romanians, Russians, Gypsies, Ukrainians, etc.) may feel "excluded" from the history of their country, judging by the name of the subject;

NOTE that such a name of the school subject remains unique in the world (after neighbouring Romania has modernized this aspect of national education, when joining the EU), contrary to both international and European conventions signed by the Republic of Moldova, as well as to national legislation that qualifies such as being racial segragation(segregare rasială);

ASK the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Republic of Moldova to recognize and respect the right of all nationalities to equal treatment and, in this regard, to rethink the single ethnos name from the name of the general school discipline, without limiting itself to the individual opinions of certain officials of the Ministry;

SUGGEST that the name of the school object be changed to "History of Moldova" or any other name that would exclude ethnic segregation.




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