Pass H.R.25

H.R.25 Bill: Release from Committee

To be delivered to:
Rep. Dave Camp (MI-4)

Petition Statement
This petition by members of ACT for US, LLC is to petition Rep Dave Camp, The Speaker of the House of Representatives, to get H.R.25 past committee and onto the floor for all members of the House of Representatives to vote on it.

H.R. 25 is the most co-sponsored and economist researched tax reformation bill

Petition Background
ACT for US vision is to have our Representatives ACT for US and return the US back to excellence in all things and once again be the light to other countries for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A country…

  • where every person that desires to work has a good paying job for their family,
  • where business owners have an environment that allows them to grow without the government hindering its growth with excess taxes and compliance,
  • where every citizen is not burdened with paying any taxes up to the poverty line,
  • where its government is funded by a transparent, easy, and fair taxation system that doesn’t discriminate against our citizens or businesses.
  • where citizens have privacy with their financial, medical, and personal information,
  • where we are no longer labeled as Republicans, Democrats, Independents, blacks, whites, Hispanics, gay, straight, Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Atheist, but Americans living in a country that values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We see the first step in this vision is with the passage of H.R. 25, but it first must move out of committee and come to the floor of the House of Representatives for discussion and that is why we signed this petition.