Insurance sex reassignment surgery coverage

This petition is to make coverage for sex reassignment surgery manditory for all health care insurance companies to cover the total cost of sex reassignment surgery for male to female and female to male transexuals. We are individuals who can never be whole with out this approved therapy by the Federal Goverment and the AMA. This is not cosmetic surgery as they would have you believe. Many of us need this surgery as of present not 30 years from now for with everyday that we cannot get this done we live a live of depression, suicide and complete hoplessness. This brings a mental torture that few can understand. We feel discriminated against and as 4th class citizans in a country where all men are not viewed as created equal.

Please sign this and lets get this petition onto the Insurance companies, private companies and Goverment so that we may get this done and bring inner peace and completeness to all transsexuls country wide.