I have to say something about News Channel 15. Story on Kricket. Well obviously, it’s a lie.

 If you truly know Kricket and Breanna, then you know she would never neglect her daughter, and if you don’t know her, I’ll be happy to tell you a little about them.

Do you guys remember her post from 2019 about her daughter being sick? Basically Parkview wanted Kricket to bring her daughter home to die. WelI I remember, because I contacted Kricket and wanted to know more about the Rett syndrome condition because I’ve never heard of it before, she educated me on the Rett Syndrome and her daughters other diagnosis Mitochondrial disease and Lactic Acidosis. I also asked Kricket what’s a Spinal 
Abscess. Her daughter had scoliosis surgery in 2011. her rods were put in 12 years ago and was contaminated by Parkview at that time. she has the Pseudomonas Infection, Pseudomonas causes deep wounds that starts from the inside out. Krickets daughter still has a contaminated rods in her and continues to battle Pseudomonas Infection to this day. Do your research, before Judging other people!
I feel Parkview is attacking Kricket blaming neglect on her, before she could file a lawsuit against Parkview. In 2019 I.U took care of her daughter, From what Parkview couldn’t do. Parkview knows they messed up on her daughter twice, Parkview also knows Kricket is a Widow, her husband was the families protecter, just the way I am with my family.
I feel we all need to stand behind Kricket give her the strength and support she truly deserves, no matter if you know her or not cause if you were in her situation Kricket would be there for you.
I created a Pitition called Justice for Kricket, cause what Parkview is doing is absolutely wrong!
Please sign and let Kricket know, we have her and Breanna’s back!
Kricket stay strong, you got this and we got you!

***********JUSTICE FOR KRICKET*********


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