Make 1st Saturday Coffee and Donuts Great Again!

We the undersigned members of EAA Chapter 75 wish to compel the Board of Directors to unwind the changes made to our beloved 1st Saturday Coffee & Donuts social event, which has become a "must do" activity for those who have enjoyed this monthly get together for years.  We want our 1st Saturday Coffee & Donuts back!  We want the board to continue to pay for the coffee and donuts like they have historically, whatever that budget may have been.  This will be a 100% member organized event, and other than financial assistance, there will be no expectation of the board.

To be clear, 1st Saturday Coffee & Donuts will be hosted on the first Saturday of every month at a hanagar, workshop or some other location as dictated by the organizers.  There will be no formal program, simply a time for members to view other member's projects or airplanes and enjoy one anothers fellowship.  As always, 1st Saturday Coffee and Donuts will be open to the public and we encourage anyone with an interest in airplanes or aviation to join us.  Since this is an official chapter event, we do expect the board not to purposely plan other activities on the same day and time.

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