Make NFL+ more encompassing

The goal of this petition is to create awareness and inspire change for the new streaming service launched by the NFL, titled NFL+. NFL fans have enjoyed in the past the Directv service of NFL Sunday Ticket, where fans regardless of location could watch and enjoy any game, for any team, whether it was in your local market or not. We as fans would like the NFL to reevaluate its streaming service, to include a feature where we could watch any and all live out of market games. We feel it would help maintain stronger bonds with our teams. Lastly we would appreciate if the service was added to one of the preexisting tiers of purchase; however if that were not at all plausible we could be compelled to have it put into a separate third tier, that was slightly more expensive to fairly compensate the NFL for this service. We know it is possible because the aforementioned streaming service has the ability to allow users to stream all out of market preseason games. We implore the NFL to take these name/signatures into account and make the necessary changes help us as fans better enjoy the game of football and the entity of the NFL

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