Medi-link extension

·         The 63 and 65 country bus services to the Queen’s Medical Centre were withdrawn in August 2014


·          They provided the population in villages of South Nottinghamshire and the Soar Valley with direct and easy access to the Queen’s Medical Centre and through the Medi-link service a quick connection to Nottingham City Hospital.


·          The service was used by patients attending clinics, hospital visitors also hospital staff.


·          As a result of the withdrawal, bus journeys to the QMC now require travelling to the centre of the City and changing to a second bus out of the city to reach the QMC which at least doubles the journey time and prolongs the ordeal for patients.


·         Even with the new tram service from Clifton Park & Ride there will not be a direct service to the QMC

 In the villages the numbers of elderly people with their attendant health problems are increasing and they need easy access to local hospitals

By extending the Medi-link to the new park & ride at Clifton will eleviate problems people are having trying to get to the QMC from Villages in the Soar Valley area.







We the undersigned, urgently request that Nottinghamshire County Council explore with Nottingham City Council the extension of the Medi-link service to the new Park & Ride at Clifton, which will be an effective substitute for the withdrawn bus services.


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