No mandatory vaccinations of any kind for FIFO workers in WA.

Mandatory vaccination of the covid 19 vaccine (which are still undergoing clinical trials until 2023) has been announced as a requirement for anyone working in the aged care sector.

Premier Mark Mcgowan has stated that he will support mandatory vaccinations for all FIFO workers if that's what the industry wants.

We have an opportunity right now to stand together to protect our human rights and make our voice heard. 

No matter what your views on vaccination are, the real issue at hand here is the freedom to make a choice, based on what you believe is best for your own health without threat of losing your ability to work.

We believe that every individual should have the right to decide whether to be vaccinated or not.

Individuals should not be coerced into an unwanted medical procedure (vaccination) through the threat of losing their job, their livelihoods and the ability to support their families.

We are making our voice heard to let the big miners know where we stand. The signatures we collect will be presented to BHP, Rio Tinto, FMG and Roy Hill.

We live in a free society and that includes freedom to choose what goes into our bodies without threats of losing our jobs and way of life.